Other stuff

An alternate keyboard layout. Qwerty is not just evil, it's also quite bad for you. Do yourself a favor and get informed.
An international language which, contrary to what you might have heared, is not dead at all. I'm one of many who think it's our best chance for at least a better world.
Some written stuff can be found here. Notably my collection of pangrams in various languages, and in dutch Socius and Loesje quotes.
To see my collection of McBlinks, screenshots from the FS HamsterCam, several (anti)Microsoft images, stuff to make you happy, and more: check the pictures page.
What do I watch on TV? Check this page (seperate pages for the Simpsons and SF).
History of games I played ordered by year. More detailed pages for StarCraft and TetriNet.
Console utils
Overview of useful *nix programs: Screen, vim, Mutt, Irssi, w3m.