Star Trek

The Ancient Series

This is cheap! Watched TOS once and never again! Well of course, it was made about 100 years ago, but it's still bad.
common tos occurance

The Next Generation

Some more unbelievable crap. Whathever you do, don't think about what they say or do.
Never quite understood that too...

Deep Space Nine

The latest DS9s space battles looked OK enough, but they should leave the storyline out!
It sure is I hate it when all aliens look like humans and speak english


Why can't those writers think before they write something?
About the infinate number of "anonimous" ensigns dieing every episode How can one lonely ship out in the delta quadrant lose one shuttle every week?


They sure look ugly. One of the very few things I still like in Star Trek are the borg. Nearly all Borg-involved episodes feature nice battles, and the Federation finally get their buts kicked. If it weren't for those startrek-writers who always make humans superior in some way, the federation was gone!! (Like why do the Borg send just one cube against the federation each time while they have thousends of them).

Hehe, fight, you lowsy Starfleet vessels... We've got thousends of cubes back in the Delta quadrant.

Babylon V

The good old Agamemnon coming through a gate. The creator(s) of B5 have, unlike ST's, actually thought about it: the storyline, technologies (with boundries, not just use everything, like in...), species (not change them along the way)...

In this universe, humans are not the perfect species like st would like us to believe. Also, they don't have every technology thinkable of invented (no transporters, and humans don't have artificial gravity so they rotate their ships ;) I don't have too much trouble believing this could happen one day.

Then there's the graphics: they look great and are used a lot. Nice space battles happen quite frequently, looking more realistic than StarTrek battles: you actually see there's no gravity, and good lighting. Oh YEAH! Shadows kicking ass!!