GX hamsters
Two happy hamsters for your viewing pleasure: the GX Hamster Cam™ (currently down.) Live pok√©mon! I collected some pictures of those cute little hammies in action!
My collection of VoodooExtreme's old McBlink character in its various forms.
Happy happy!
If you're ever feeling depressed or anything, remember to come to this page. I've collected a few of Sinfest's kitty&doggy comics. Whenever you're feeling kinda down, this'll cheer you up ;)


The best and most important part of a GUI: the desktop background. For me, my desktop should either be black, but better yet: a calm but cool image to make anybody that sees it go Wow, he's a pro. Or something. And it should never bore me, nor distract me. Now, these pictures are hard to find. The stuff I did find more or less acceptable you can find righthere. Rightnow I'm using The Eye! Best used on multiple monitors :-)

3y3 0wN2 j00!
1600x1200 (355kB)
Even usable on a Windows machine; cuz it's just cool
1024x768 (160kB)
Whether you like chess or not, it does look masterful
1600x1200 (262kB)
Esher's uber-tilable Gecko
512x512 (79kB)

Teh funny

Just a funny picture:

text on bus: If you don't have GIO Third Party Insurance, we suggest you don't hit this bus.

And the merry-Christmas UnrealTournament shot (token from Nali City):