GX hampsters

hamster running in that bloody wheel all the time For some time now, two hamsters can be watched live at firingsquad.gamers.com/mouse. Most of the time you won't see them. That's why I made this page, because there are a lot of gx-hamster fans that have never seen them!

Most of the time, we will - as big fans - simply entertain ourselves. There is a message-board so everybody can discuss why they can't see them. Steve Miller came up with the following: I think that you should put a little helmet cam on the hamster so that we can see life from the hamster's eyes 24/7. Unfortunately it hasn't been done yet.

Those hamsters are pretty smart too, because if they are out, they will try to stay as blurry as possible as you can see on most shots.

Shot by Jonis The picture on the right is a nice shot of both hamsters by jonis. It's the sharpest I've ever seen. (RMarine: are they about to f%&£ or somethin?)

Here are two shots by RMarine:

Note on the left picture: if you look closely you can see the second hamster in the background doing some aerobics.

HenkePenke: I saw the little rodent! several times, i think he was trying to put up a show because he was standing on his back legs, trying to look all tall and tough!

Both hammies running the wheel! They did this for quite some time. I think they're trying to get to the QuakeIII sign =)

On the right: A shot send to me by SpaceY. You see the hammie in the back is still trying to reach Quake3. The other one is looking at us... or so it seems; actually someone is holding a UnrealTournament poster behind the HamsterCam thus drawing his attention.

BTW If anyone else has some cool hammie-pictures just send them to me.

New and improved!

After being away for over a year (since 21/12/99 i think) they've finally returned!!! Go here now!! It's better than ever! Instead of one, there's two cams now, with at least four of them hampstorz in the upper cam alone!

Original PR:

Revenge of the Hamster Cam >> 05:26 PM
They're baaaaaaaaack! After a successful European tour, the Hamsters have made their triumphant return to the safe haven of FiringSquad.
"Sure, touring with Britney was a real eye opening experience," squeaked Eggroll Jr., "but we felt it was time to return home to our adoring fans." Gary Coleman the Third (relationship unknown) was quick to add, "Besides, we really couldn't stand being around those N'Sync punks for a minute longer."
So due to popular demand, we've called in our lighting and camera crews to set up, not one, but two Hamster Cams!
Note: keep an eye on Camera #2, as one of those hamsters is a known killer. He just might kill again...and you wouldn't want to miss that, would you?

A lot of thanks to Brandon Bell for letting me know.