screenshot of me playing TetriFAST TetriNet is a multiplayer Tetris game. You can play Tetris with upto six players! It's got classic (pure) normal Tetris, and a cookies version where you can use special blocks (like randomizers, nukers, etc.)

Unlike what you may think, tetris is actually a really cool game. It's based on some very easy rules, and requires quick thinking and handling. Just give it a try.

You can download TetriNet righthere:

TetriNET 1.13 for Windows
(Unix/Linux versions on tetrinet.org)

Run it to install TetriNet in your desired directory. Then run tetrinet.exe and connect to a server. Do this by selecting Client Settings and entering the server name/IP. Try tetrinet.org for example. Then choose to connect and go to the Partyline which is like a basic IRC client. Here you can join channels and chat with others. When a game is started on the channel you're on, choose Show Fields to start playing.

Basic Partyline commands

A few to get you started:

/help Get a summary of the commands available on this server.
/list Lists all channels on this server.
/who Shows you the users on all channels. Easy to see which channels are populated, or to check for friends.
/join * Join a channel. If you want to play cookies for example type /join #cookies.
/msg * *  Send a private message to someone on the same channel. To send a message to player 4 for example: /msg 4 hi.


TetriNet bricks w/ default skin TetriNet bricks Shiar skin In TetriNet you can use your own skin for the playing fields and bricks (Compare the default skin on the left, my own skin on the right). I recommend you use any skin with a grid instead of the default one, so you can aim your pieces better. I've made my own skin with grid and nicely colored bricks, which you can download here:
>> Shiar's TetriNet skin! (zip 35kB)
>> (The same skin unzipped) (bmp 109kB)
Put the bitmap in your tetrinet directory and alter the file default.tnp (with notepad or something) so it says bitmaps_file=tetshiar.bmp.


Same TetriNet but without the delay between two pieces. It makes playing it a lot cooler since you can drop them pieces like a madman without the endless waiting... It's much more action and stuff. One downside is that newbees don't stand any chance at all against a little more experienced player. And there's less players because it ain't available for Linux =(

Anyways just give it a try; you'll love it! You can download it here (or on the official Tetrifast page plibble.com)

TetriFAST 1.13 for Windows
(Unfortunately only available for Windows...)

Put the file into your TetriNET directory (it uses the same files) and run it. There's less servers to play on. Actually just two of them rightnow:

(Update: these servers also seem to be down. Search the server list at Tetrinet for a working server...)

The original plibble.net server died recently. The are the last ones left as far as I know. Let's hope they stay cuz the game's just cool!