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A (3'00) by Free Bird; 0.2kB

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The first of Free Bird's three power (?) tools: the smallest password protection program. Instead of a "big" program (On86=0.6kb) you'll get a non-user-friendly one: besides displaying a block when you push a key it doesn't say a thing. Nothing better than On86, just smaller.


Antz (3'01) by Steven Hunt; 0.7kB

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An ant (read: pixel) moves randomly over the screen. You can turn its trail on and off, and in- and decrease speed. It was actually meant to show a random number generator, so if you're not interested in that, don't download! The demo sucks azz!


Custom Font v1.00 (12'99) by John Kempen; 6.7kB + levels (0.3kB)

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A cool program which can be used to load or create custom fonts on your calc. Supports both fixed and variable (small) fonts. Like all font-programs display will get slower as you install more custom chars. The program itself is very complete but just a bit large.


Cymbol v0.3a (12'98) by Kirk Meyer; 1.0kB + levels (0.2kB)

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While it doesn't do anything on it's own, together with applets/plugins Cymbol can be the ideal math program! The input is perfect (with backspace) and the interface is plain but neat! Standard included are: a log-base convertor, a square root reducer and the perfect quadratic formula solver!


Dark Cave RPG v1.0 beta (5'00) by Ben Janik; 0.4kB

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To play a "joke" on your friends. It displays garbage and resets your calc unless you press the EE-key. Many hours of fun guaranteed! *sigh*


Factor (6'98) by Joshua Seagoe; 0.3kB

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It divides a number into all its prime factors. Quite nice, but don't enter a too large value, for it doesn't have a break key (so you have to wait till it's done...)


Game of Life (9'98) by Joshua Seagoe; 0.3kB

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Watch your TI-OS-screen come to life! The famous rules (a pixel dies with too many or too little neighbours) apply - like in the 86-game Colony - and it runs at 5 frames a second! Also very small. One thing to be improved: it should change the graph screen so you can create anything to begin with.


Ion86 v0.1ß (2'00) by Clem Vasseur; 2.2kB

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Emulates TI-83 ion programs! There ain't much good ion-games around, but it's a pretty new shell so more may come soon (some RPGs?). Sometimes it's abit hard to see where the screen ends, and not every game worx yet (most do).


On86 v2.0 (9'99) by Jonah Cohen; 0.6kB

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Small easy to use password protection program. Prompts a customizable password (upto 15 chars long) upon calc activation. If entered incorrectly, it turns the calc back off. Doesn't work when you turn your calc off using some shell.


Periodic Table 86+ v3.3 (12'98) by JL; 4.4kB

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The best periodic table I could find. Featuring symbol, name, weight, boiling/melting point, first ionization energy and oxidation states for each atom (112). Atoms are searchable by name and number. Uptodate and pretty small.


Rascall v0.9 (1'98) by Matthew Shepcar; 4.7kB

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Shell with password protection, memory locking (can cause crashes in some programs), 4 renamable groups, APD, contrast, descriptions, hiding, and TI-85 emulation. Little large.


ShutDown (4'98) by Greg T. Schenzel; 0.0kB

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Running this will shut down your calc. Maybe it can be used in a BASIC-program, but who'd do that? Anybody with just a little knowledge of asm could write this (optimized even 25% smaller ;)


Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.94 (5'99) by Aaron Curtis; 5.3kB

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My favorite shell. Looks nice and supports most features: APD, contrast, shows descriptions, file size, mem free and battery level, five renamable groups, hide, delete, nice icon support, and the best TI-85/82 emulation around (can run games >16kb!); just no password protection (no big deal). A bit large, but worth it!


Yugi 2 (10'98) by Dux Gregis; 0.2kB

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Yugi prevents anyone from deleting your memory. Resets (and self tests) will be harmless and deleting files must be done with the cos-key instead of enter. Very small and source is well-commented. Btw: doesn't crash programs like the Rascall memlock.


Ztatuz v0.1 (10'98) by Kirk Meyer; 0.6kB

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Running this will put a status-bar at the bottom of your (TI-OS) screen showing some modes: angle, notation number base, and decimal mode. These modes can easily be changed with F1-5. Not completely bugless, but this could be pretty usefull.