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Rascall v0.9 (1'98) by Matthew Shepcar; 4.7kB

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Shell with password protection, memory locking (can cause crashes in some programs), 4 renamable groups, APD, contrast, descriptions, hiding, and TI-85 emulation. Little large.



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Matthew posted 2003-08-06 04:21
GREAT SHELL! 4 groups for your programs plus the ability to create a 'hidden' group so you can put programs on to cheat on your tests and the teacher cant see them, Ability to run ASM and BASIC programs, TI-85 Emulation, password protection all add up to the best shell availible! Only thing it lacks is crash protection and a battery meter like in iShell (but iShell is much less stable). But the best thing over all of these is <5K! Perfect for peopel like me who cram it full of games and programs and need a great orginizer. If theres a better TI-86 Shell, it hasnt been invented yet.