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Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.94 (5'99) by Aaron Curtis; 5.3kB

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My favorite shell. Looks nice and supports most features: APD, contrast, shows descriptions, file size, mem free and battery level, five renamable groups, hide, delete, nice icon support, and the best TI-85/82 emulation around (can run games >16kb!); just no password protection (no big deal). A bit large, but worth it!



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Matthew posted 2003-08-14 02:01
It has no pass protection, you are thinking of Rascall. Rascall has TI-85 emulatuion and all the good games were ported to a 86 version. and 82, he admits there are to many crashes, plus the 82 games SUCKED.
Adam Peacock posted 2001-11-03 16:34
YAS has password protection and memory locking as well.  Press P to set the password, m to lock the memory, and alpha to turn the calc off with a password.
Ian Malcom posted 2001-07-30 08:05
Great shell.  Best one i've found.  Everything is great except for one drawback, no password protection.