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Cymbol v0.3a (12'98) by Kirk Meyer; 1.0kB + levels (0.2kB)

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While it doesn't do anything on it's own, together with applets/plugins Cymbol can be the ideal math program! The input is perfect (with backspace) and the interface is plain but neat! Standard included are: a log-base convertor, a square root reducer and the perfect quadratic formula solver!



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happy go lucky posted 2005-01-30 17:56
i just found a version of cymbol that wont crash. when i downloaded it from here(no offence to you guys here who created this web page, especially when i got a ton of stuff from you). if u want if   click here...() or type it on your address bar.
and find cymbol
AC posted 2002-11-15 01:06
it messed up my calc the first time i tried to use it.  i deleted right away
Nate Hoffmann posted 2002-08-24 01:11
When I used this program it crashed my calc. BIG TIME. I had to restart it and download all my programs again.
Jeremy Grozavescu posted 2002-05-15 06:45
I love this program, easpecialy the reducing of square roots.  I would like to have add ons such as law of sins and law of cosins