Stuff I made

My productions: the most important stuff I made so far. I made all of this just for fun, so I'm not responsible for anything blown up because of this ;)

Web sites
Shiar homepage
Right here, my own home where I can put anything I want. Most significantly contains over 200 reviews for TI calculator programs.
Providing the cleanest site for song lyrics. Huge amount of texts in several languages.
Cheat sheets
Helpful pages, in particular an interactive overview of keyboard functionality of the vi/vim text editor.
Poslawsky genealogy
Detailed database of my ancestors and related branches. Access is restricted to family members for now. Contact me if you are.
See my CPAN page for now. More coming later.
Nemesis screenshot Wormy screenshot
The ultimate Nibbles: 256 directions (free movement!), custom levels, several multiplayer modes for upto four players!
Great shoot'm'up with nice graphics, fast gameplay and various upgrades.
A playable tunnel game at just 104 bytes!
Spheres image Cool pictures with colorful reflecting spheres.
Some old (mostly) games I wrote for DOS. Mostly an overview for historic purposes; not really programs worth downloading nowadays.