Wormy screenshot The ultimate singleplayer/multiplayer game.
Featuring levels (and editor), smooth scrolling, multiplayer upto four players on one calc and/or over link, several different configurable game types (like deathmatch, foodmatch, racing, CTF), and much more =)

Main menu Singleplayer Pause screen Multifoodmatch CTF

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Version history

Wormy 100% march 2002
  • improved randomizer, fixed: multipea overflow freeze, bouncies drawn over peas, yas level loading, end messages
  • included Aaron's wormage episodes
  • public release!!
Wormy 99% march 2002
  • clipped circles!
  • YAS levelfile detection data
  • race scoring improved (no death penalty, no halflap bonus)
  • 3rd singleplayer episode, more multiplayer levels
  • fixes (growth recovery, linkplay setting, multipea reset, episode pages, editor (new level format), ctf scoring)
Wormy 98% january 2002
  • wall overwrite bug finally fixed!
  • transmits all game+level data over link
  • teams (combines scores of worm 1+3 and 2+4)
  • fixes (steep lines, sending peas, editor, fourth worm), optimizations
Wormy 97% january 2002
  • Improved lineroutine (lines and circles can now be twice as big)
  • Multiple peas! (in Singleplayer levels and multifoodmatch mode)
  • Second episode with 10 singleplayer levels
  • No more internal levels.
Wormy 96% december 2001
  • Linkplay works at last!
  • Multiple pages of external levels, and files can have extra comments
  • Long worms (grown over 255 pixels large) no longer get shorter after death.
  • New pause menu (allowing changing contrast and turning off.)
  • Many bugs fixed, stuff optimized (init procedure over 200 bytes smaller) and WormEdit enhancements (rude mouse support for example.)
Wormy 95% september 2001
  • Drawings of Wormies on main/gameover screens
  • Race mode has been completed. All modes are done now
  • Timematch exits automagically when somebody has clearly won
  • Multiplayer levels can have names
Wormy 94% may 2001
  • Controls are fully customizable
  • New level selection screen, main menu and game over screen
  • Auto-growth feature
  • Options menu to change settings of multiplayer games
  • Winner indicator in multiplayer games
  • Saves names with hiscores!
  • CTF working correctly!!
Wormy 93% february 2001
  • Levels can have circles in them!
  • Game over screen looks better (less basic)
  • Some bugs fixed like the one that stored names wrong
  • Best of all: I've completely redone the menu, so it is much easier to use and more pretty
Worm 92% june 2000
  • Level editor for DOS
  • Tron game mode in which the worms do not shrink (both single- and multiplayer)
  • Bug which freezed the calc when several keys were pressed at the same time fixed
Worm 90-91% may 2000
  • Scores saved for each peaworm level
  • First worm can get longer (useful in Peaworm games)
  • CTF and race, although not perfect yet
  • Title picture at main menu
Worm 84-91% april 2000
  • External Levels!!
  • Better box-draw routine
  • Peas can be any sprite upto 8x8, changable per level
  • Both worms die when they run into each other
  • Worm growth can vary per level
  • Bouncing balls
  • Worms' names can be altered from main menu
  • Bonus score for completing a level, extra live for each 1000 points
Worm 83% march 2000
  • Line routine fixed at last
  • Hiscore saved in singleplayer games
  • Peaworm mode like in the original game
Worm, older versions november 1999 - february 2000 (also by Jonah Cohen)
  • Horizontal scrolling added (levels upto 256x256 pixels)
  • Multiplayer upto four players, deathmatch and foodmatch
  • No greyscale anymore
  • Menu before game, and stats-screen at game over
  • Begin-size of worms is map-dependant
  • You loose 10 points for dieing
  • Stats-bar (at top) remade, also in multiplayer games
  • Hunting game mode (will be removed again later)
  • Screen flashes when somebody dies
  • Boxes in levels
Wonderworm december 1998 (original, by Matthew Shepcar)
  • Singleplayer
  • Levels (just 5) with Lines
  • Greyscale
  • Vertical scrolling

Not mentioned above: probably most of my time I've spent working on linkplay (it just never worked correctly).
Check my news archives for more details.

Original Worm

Wormy was originally made by the famous Matthew Shepcar (Scabby). These are the versions he made:


The original Peaworm for TI-86. Your worm had to eat as many peas as possible. Nice (and very small) game, but got boring after a while. Released 28th December 1998.


Don't think he ever released this new version: it featured vertical scrolling, greyscale and (just a few) levels.

Willy Wonderworm:

A very pretty version of Worm by Matt (and Jimmy, Andreas and Johannes Rajala) for the Game Boy Color! Really smooth, recognisable food, music&sound, and 5 levels. Released July 1999.