TI-86 software

The programs I wrote for the TI-86 calculator.

Wormy screenshot Call it a free movement Nibbles, featuring levels (and editor), smooth scrolling, multiplayer upto four players on one calc and/or over link, several different configurable game types (like deathmatch, foodmatch, racing, CTF), and much more =)
Nemesis screenshot A fast and cool arcade game, based on the Nemesis for the MSX-computer (1986). Looks pretty good and plays simple with arrow keys, 2nd to fire, alpha to select a pickup (like M in the original).
Claustro screenshot A simple but playable tunnel-game (though not that much fun). It is one of the smallest games ever made: just 104 bytes!
Viper'86 screenshot A simple Tron-game (Nibbles-like) originally by Alan Bailey. I altered some minor things and added a (dumb) computer AI. It was the first z80 assembly game I worked on, and I probably learned a lot from it. I won't release it of course; just get Wormy.