Behold the interweb home of Mischa Poslawsky aka Shiar. It contains information on my (software) projects such as Wormy, a section about TI-8x calculators including over 200 game reviews, and pages on anything else that might interest me.

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Anniversary 6.March.2009
To celebrate Wormy's release exactly 7 years ago (as well as my own 26 years ago) I've relicensed it under the GPL, and gathered its development history into a public Git repository. This contains every version from Peaworm 0.9 from 1998, to Wonderworm, to Worm starting 1999, upto the final Wormy in 2002. Also introduces a new level parser written in Perl, to convert all data into readable text.
Squarely Dutch 3.February.2009

In an effort to unify my various tlds, the primary location of this site will henceforth be at Seems like a decent choice, as I'm sufficiently proud to be from the Netherlands. The other options are either debatable (.net: does hosting multiple sites make me a network provider?), misleading (.com to denote internationality?), or a complete stretch (.org for non-profit, but without the organization?).

To celebrate, I've redesigned my logo. While it's certainly much less shiny and 3-D, I think it's more suitable for me to have something written (custom SVG) than drawn (using some third-party font no less). And no, the resemblance to my written signature (which spells out MISCHA instead) is not accidental (just unfortunate my nick requires a diagonal line :/).

Revivification 11.November.2008

After about six years of inactivity, I finally resurrected my site. As pages became more and more outdated, the work required to update everything to a semi-relevant state grew to the point where it's easier to just leave it clearly deprecated.

But at last I managed to bring it back to a presentable state. The styling and HTML have been updated, and all code rewritten (which besides being maintainable and PHP-less, now features translations and clean urls). Most obsolete contents have been removed or revised (useful information should still be there though). While I'm not planning on posting as frequently as I used to, I do hope to keep it somewhat current.

Happy new Year 6.March.2003

You wouldn't believe it if you weren't reading this, but I'm actually updating my page! :) Not that I've got anything noteworthy to say (oh, just that my site got over 100,000 visitors, w00t), but a lot of people were wondering where I went. Well, mostly I'm just preoccupied with my job at the moment. The only update is that I just made my guestbook a little more spam-resistant (recently it's being flooded by spam, bleurgh). But soon I think I may have some calculator-related updates for you as well (even though I officially retired). Check back soon ;)

Updateâ„¢ 12.October.2002

Finally got a computer-related job :). At Media Design, where I'm currently working on Cu2, a site which most dutch people may have heard of ^_^. Anyways, since I'm now working on websites fulltime, the fun of updating my own site is mostly gone. I'll try though: Little update to the about me page, and I believe I never mentioned my StarCraft page before, which contains some useful info about the game.

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