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Brittany Sullivan from Charleston, South Caroline wrote 03.12.2003:
You have a very neat homepage keep up the good work :)

shinn0970 wrote 01.12.2003:
cool site, like the reviews.  will any unfinished games such as mario 86 be updated to complete versions.

godexsoft from Ams wrote 19.11.2003:
URL: http://godex.hopto.org
How is life?
Add me to your icq list 224260247
Till then ;)

Patrice wrote 19.09.2003:
Please take for the GB a font with sans-serif, for example Arial, Verdana or sans-serif. It looks better.
Greets Patrice

Heyron wrote 19.09.2003:
Hey, do you like making new games?  i would make it.  but im no good at asm.  the game is "Super Smash Brothers" from N64.  if you could make it for the 86 that would be awesome and it would get some good hits.  thanks

Lasse from Denmark wrote 18.09.2003:
It sounds like a great game =)... But... Is it possible to make a 83+ version of it? IŽve just downloaded it, and found out that i canŽt play it on my calc =/

bill from tx wrote 30.05.2003:
yay for wormy =)
lotsa hours wasted playin it

Ashley from Michigan! wrote 22.05.2003:
Hey! I just wanted to say that this site is really cute and creative and good job! :)

josu from Europe wrote 15.05.2003:
URL: <a href="http://www.freesoc.com/">Foros Politica Sociologia | Sociedad Información </a>
Please, let me congratulate you for the design of your site. The strong contrast beetween reb and black  just great

Chris wrote 12.04.2003:
Nice Nemesis game.  maybe you could release the 0.98 version...pleese?

t p from c-town Mich wrote 29.03.2003:
love the site
best ive seen

Christopher Kim from a beta expert wrote 12.03.2003:
Where are you?  The Game nemesis will Haunt you because it is an unfinnished program.  It will never be at it's best until you finnish creating the game.

By the way....make more levels and make the enemies slower.  It makes the game more like one of the game, nemesis 1 or 2, (by the way... make those big serpent things that go out of the sand and keep bullet powerup)

pleeeeeeeese update Nemesis!!!!!!!!  I feel empty inside without nemesis 1.00..

aminon from I'm at school wrote 07.03.2003:
look a smile came to my face ^^, every time that damn counter went up I felt so awful. please update nemesis, plleeeaassee. I really need it done. must play full game. . . well at least it's nice to have you back.

Eisenfresser from Germany wrote 03.03.2003:
URL: http://www.tcpa-watch.de
Nice design, I really like the look of this page. Well, IŽd use Arial or some other non-serif font, but thatŽs just me.

A great fan of yours wrote 01.03.2003:
Thanks for fixing the down-left bug!

A great fan of yours wrote 01.03.2003:
for the nemesis the game is great except that you can't push the down-left button.  Keep up the great work!

omo bendel from mali wrote 28.02.2003:
URL: i love this site keep off
i de here ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Yas wrote 25.02.2003:
nice site! keep up the good job

marcel from arnhem wrote 16.02.2003:
URL: http://loesje.nl
Aangezien ik geen mail-adres op je site zag maar even zo:
Zonder nou meteen heel erg te gaan zeiken, maar als je zelf overal zegt "alle rechten voorbehouden", waarom heb je dan niet even aan Loesje gevraagd of je een hele maand uit de scheurkalender op het internet mocht zetten. Lijkt me nogal slordig. Mail me anders even.

helmuth helt from denmark wrote 12.02.2003:
URL: http://www.mev.dk
great site. Thank you for a nice visit

Your mind from in the brain wrote 12.02.2003:

No name... from Antarica wrote 12.02.2003:
Pleeeeeeeze let somebody take your place in the production of nemesis at    least!!!! I have been waiting for TWO YEARS!!!! on this spectacuar supriseingly cool game to show up!.....so let somebody I beg of you...............to continue the nemises game.

Andre Fischer from Germany wrote 10.02.2003:
URL: http://www.nibblesonline.de.vu
Hi there,
You have a wonderfull site, with tons of cool stuff, that's cool
I see your are a great nibbles Fan, and thats cool, too.
So if you're bored and want to play some, feel free to play the real Nibbles online@www.nibblesonline.de.vu

Travis from Williamsburg, Va wrote 30.01.2003:
URL: http://www.abshnasko.com
Hey, awseome site man.  I got my 86 and it rocks.  If you want visit my site at www.abshnasko.com.  I am not done with it but I may put a link to your site if you want!

exercise girl from knoxville, tn wrote 29.01.2003:
interesting site, hope to play wormy sometime! sounds neat.

Henrik from sweden wrote 12.01.2003:
I like your site :)

Bob from South-West Germany wrote 08.01.2003:
This is super! Much faster loading. I periodically go through the pages and re-discover things that are important to me.  
Happy new year to everyone seeing this message! -  - Bob

Athletic Shoes from knoxville, tn wrote 30.12.2002:
Go WORMY!!!  Cool site, makes me laugh!

Finanzierung S. from Middle Europe wrote 30.12.2002:
I wish you a happy new year. - Excellent web-site. Very informative and somebody who knows the real in's and out's pretty much to perfection. Keep up the excellent work - you are somebody that I would call a "real" professional. - Stefen F.

aquariophilie from france wrote 27.12.2002:
URL: http://www.mylinea.com/olive/
great site

logen from germany wrote 22.12.2002:
i like the logo! graet idea!

Kalle from Ger wrote 19.12.2002:
URL: http://www.bilder-suchmaschine.de
Nice worm inside....

Gasper from Portugal wrote 13.12.2002:
Great design and very good information

Sunny from Germany wrote 08.12.2002:
nice to be here
good site
go on
Best wishes to all

electron from CANADA wrote 03.12.2002:
URL: http://www.electronsoft.vze.com
Awesome website!
I like it that there are screenshots for all the files.  If any of you have TI-89's or TI-83+'s, surf over to www.electronsoft.vze.com.  There's lots more sweet games.

Juerd from Dordrecht, NL wrote 26.11.2002:
URL: http://juerd.nl/
Hoi shiar++,

Je site is leuk, maar je bent zelf leuker.

De HCC dagen waren erg gezellig, volgend jaar weer?


Hugh Brian Asnen from Los Angeles, CA wrote 22.10.2002:
URL: http://www.sockmuffin.com
Hey this is a cool site! WORMY is KING! I'd be flattered if you checked out my Christmas site at sockmuffin.com  There's a lot of cool Christmas stuff on there including an interesting and funny movie that contains Elves and Aliens!  sockmuffin.com   Enjoy!

Rejun2000 wrote 21.10.2002:
"So I retired" - Shiar

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Rejun2000

Peter Hoffmann from Illingen from Germany wrote 19.10.2002:
URL: http://pHoffman.bei.t-online.de
Much greetings from the unknown and unfamous german soccer-team: FC Kaisersaal 1972 e.V.

Paul wrote 17.10.2002:
URL: http://www.home24.org/
Hello, I found you at Altavista. You have wealth of information on your site and a nice design. Greetings from Germany - Paul

poor wrote 09.10.2002:
graphing calculators are quite expensive I can not afford to spend my money on a TI-86

Helmut from Germany wrote 07.10.2002:
It's my first visit at your homepage. Your website is great and very usefull. I'm bookmarked it. Keep up the good resources. Best greetings from Germany - Helmut

Chris Kim wrote 04.10.2002:
Your Nemesis game is great! Please finnish it soon........And also make an editor too.

Zak from Wheaton wrote 04.10.2002:
Your site has more games than any other site I know of!
the games are great!

Peter from FCK from Germany wrote 30.09.2002:
URL: http://www.fckaisersaal.de
Just surfing. A wise man will always change his mind . . a fool never will

alex from mail wrote 27.09.2002:
URL: http://www.mail.com

GrOoVyBaBy from new zealand wrote 22.09.2002:
URL: http://tania224.tripod.com
plz take a look @ mi site:)

gregory davis from nashville tn. wrote 10.09.2002:
cool site want games go under ti calcs at the top of this page and go to archive

Dave Sitbon from Philadelphia, PA, USA wrote 29.07.2002:
URL: http://www.geocities.com/nobtis5/Nobtis.html
Great site!  I enjoyed my visit here very much.  You'll have to stop by my site...I'm sure you'll all LOVE it.  Please keep up the good work, as I'll surely visit again.  Thanks, and take care.

Issac Lamoreux signed 25.07.2002.

TimCursor from Super Cursor Land wrote 18.07.2002:
URL: http://www.supercursorland.com
Hosting probleempjes van de .com zijn opgelost, het hoeft niet bij jou dus wees gerust.

Oioi !

alm from nl wrote 16.07.2002:
Now you're free from school you've time enough to update your website again ;)

Go update your boxes and software pages ;p
*run for cover*

pengu from grunn wrote 14.07.2002:
URL: http://www.glamredhel.org
shiar site rulez ( afkijk) zwart en rood toch wel tof :) grtz mits

Chewy wrote 13.06.2002:
Hi Wow I am impressed this site looks really good you must have put a lot of work into it,I think more people need to get to see it if you want free promotion for your site let me know my email is chewbacca.tobacco@ntlworld.com or you can get more people visiting by joining this FREE program and get cash for doing it too.If you or any of your visitors join this I will help them promote their sites without any cost,Once again top job on the site and good luck for the future.Peace Chewy

Brani wrote 10.06.2002:
hey i have a guestion i have a TI-83 Plus and i dont wont to pay 30 or more for that cable that goes from computer to the calc
cna i get the games to my calc with out that cable and how do i get them
please write back soon

Brooke from Canada wrote 07.06.2002:
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~Brooke_J/Brooke00.html
Nice site! Just thought I'd let you know I stopped by.

Wizard Kami from Netherlands wrote 04.06.2002:
URL: http://www.wizardkami.tk
Still a great site.....

I hope you got through your exams allright....
I know what you mean about updating during busy exam-times... I hade my final exams too....

           I have one question.....
          How did you crreate this guestbook?
<presuming that this is a guestbook which you created yourself .... and not one of those free guestbooks from one of those guestbook-sites...>

                !!!!!!!!GA ZO DOOR MET DEZE SITE!!!!!!

Wizard Kami

Hunter Melnick from Denver wrote 30.05.2002:
ass kicking website! i would like to know how to start programming do you think you could help me out. For a Ti-83, e-mail me man thanks

Roger from hccnet wrote 29.05.2002:
URL: http://ti-83-nl.tk
Interessantte website heb je !

Wasim from Uniter Arab Emirates wrote 28.05.2002:
hellow... shiar.. this is Computer Sci. arabic student... nice to know you more and more... Good luck in your life...

SearchBliss Webmaster Resources from USA wrote 22.05.2002:
URL: http://www.searcbliss.com
Your site looks good!

rob from new york wrote 22.05.2002:
URL: http://allofourbutts.com
viva la wormy!

poopturd wrote 20.05.2002:
i have a problem with sending big files to my 86. when i try to send some big files to it, the thing says its sending but nothing happenes and it stays that way so i got to close it down i dont have this problem with smaller files. does anyone eles have this problem? is it my cable's problem or the files

SOME1 from HERE wrote 20.05.2002:
Shiar r u ded? u haven't updated for more than a month did u get murdered or soemthing

Roadkill from Hicksville wrote 19.05.2002:
useful site but can i play other ti games on ti 86, like ti 82, 83 etc on ti 86

stupid screwdiver.... from carrollton, texas wrote 17.05.2002:
hey man, cool site...  but I got a question about the 86...
lately Ive gotten into the habt of taking my calc appart, and just taking a look around. unfortunatly, i took it apart, then must of messed up the LCD.. because now about 4-6 rows of pixels on the very bottom wont turn on! if you got an idea or way to fix it, I would really appreciate it.  -MuStAvIo

Jason Hill from Ames Iowa wrote 16.05.2002:
this site is the gayest!!!!!!!!!!!

Barend from Canada wrote 11.05.2002:
URL: http://www.magi.1444.net
Sweet site, nice games and information too! Keep up the awesome work!

charmander from singapore signed 09.05.2002.

Gregory from Pittsburgh, PA wrote 08.05.2002:
URL: http://www.CasinoSurfing.com
I like your black and red combo.  Very, very nice!

Steve wrote 01.05.2002:
URL: http://www.steveholder.com/portal.html
Your site is interesting, and I love your guestbook.

Trung Con Cac from Vietnam Xa Hoi Chu Nghia wrote 28.04.2002:
Like paradise!
Cool! Good place to hang around!
Keep going! I like your Wormy Prgm! Cool again! Too cool!

SOME1 from HERE wrote 28.04.2002:

Punk wrote 27.04.2002:
is there any chance of porting wormy to 83 or 83+ if it hasnt been done already?
nice game, but i dont got an 86...


Jan Pieter wrote 02.04.2002:
URL: http://jp.dhs.org/~jp/
And at last, no more PPTP, NAT or DHCP-spoofing for me! too ;-)

liesbeth from Leiderdorp wrote 10.03.2002:
Ben onder de indruk, had ik veel eerder moeten lezen! maar dat zei jij al.
Mailtje van 9-3 niet door gekomen.

Ki Jeon from USAr - "to use" in Spanish. *sig wrote 08.03.2002:
URL: http://yourdigital.tv/4Him
I've been visiting this site for quite a while... but didn't realize there was a guest book until today. What are the odds of that? xP
The site definitely looks awesome, with one of the best archives around! Wormy's up there on my top favorite TI-86 games list (already) and can't wait for future releases! (Love the worm animation!!!)

"God rules! ...and He deserves all the praises in the world!!!"  -Jeon-Ki maN

Michael Diaz from Connecticut wrote 07.03.2002:
...good job, thanx

YT from U.S.A. wrote 14.02.2002:
URL: http://members.tripod.com/sceti/
Nice site, great game reviews!! Waiting for more updates. Keep up the good work.

wschlich from Germany wrote 12.01.2002:
URL: http://wolfram.schlich.org
looks very nice and cool content!

Merlijn from The netherlands - Maastricht wrote 02.01.2002:
URL: http://www.ti-merlijn.tk
Nice site! The review part especiall. you want to review my mario deathmatch now? it's finisched but not tested on the 83 plus so review it on the normal 83 :) it can be found on my website

Stuart from WI wrote 13.12.2001:
URL: http://www.stuartswebpage.cjb.net
Great suite:)  Please visit mine

vektrone from nashville wrote 02.12.2001:
hey can you send me some wormy betas? it looks like such an awesome game. i love peaworm, and i really want to try wormy. thanks

adam wrote 23.11.2001:
you should make at bubble bobble for ti86. thanks

Maarten from Leiden - Netherlands wrote 22.11.2001:
Hey Pavlov, nice page. Š-)
How about a messageboard? Oh well, cu @ school.

catsjuh latah

Jennifer from MI signed 18.11.2001.

David Everett signed 16.11.2001.

fliptricking signed 14.11.2001.

86868686868686866868686 wrote 09.10.2001:
when r u gonna post some more updates man?!

AC wrote 01.10.2001:
a few days ago, i ran up your hits counter 20,300 by hitting my refresh button.. MUAHAHAHAHA!!

Michael wrote 27.09.2001:
This site is the best. Iwish i could download all the games on here to my 83+
but i don't have alot of room can you tel me how to get more.  

Randy Fast from Frederick, Maryland wrote 23.09.2001:
This site is great.  I would like to download v.98 of nemesis but there is no link to get it, could you send me one I have v.96 and it rocks.  Also could you send me a version of wormy that game looks like it kicks ass.

Patrick Do from USA wrote 23.09.2001:
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/tv/backup
Great site! I go here more often than calc.org(it's a gay copied site).
Cool site design.
Can you send me beta versions of Wormy?


86 Rules! from New Mexico wrote 22.09.2001:
URL: http://www.aol.com
The 86 rules!!!!!
I just got it a few months ago it replaced my 83 which really sucked! It was all slow and you couldnt even find games for it! The 86 is faster, stronger, better, more efficient, and plus you can find games for it wherever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

83hater wrote 09.09.2001:
83 sucks man! Don't ports nemsis to it! And wormy neither! Plz! The 83 sux, it doesn't even have differential equations!

83lover wrote 08.09.2001:
83 rules man! Ports nemsis to it! And wormy too! Plz! The 86 sux, it doesn't even have sequences!

Daniel DeVries from Mattawan Michigan signed 31.08.2001.

Aaron from the internet? wrote 20.08.2001:
URL: http://userpages.umbc.edu/~acurti1
Wow, how did I beat Clem and Patrick on the authors list?  And how did Kirk get ahead of me?  #@&!

Nice page btw :)
Wormy looks to be interesting...

Bryan from Honolulu, Hawaii wrote 15.08.2001:
Nice, Site. I like the design.

Ricky Cobb from Material Plane wrote 09.07.2001:
URL: http://www.tiparadise.f2s.com/
Nice website and the archives are some of the best around!


john from us wrote 16.06.2001:
URL: http://www.ewyle.com
hey, nice site, PHP :-)

Matt from North Carolina wrote 05.06.2001:
Hey, this page is awesome.  I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what to do with my problem.  When I download games off of here they are saved in notepad and form there I can't get them from the computer to the calculator.  I don't know why it saves it in Notebook but if you can tell me how to correct this I would be very grateful.  Well better go.  If youknow how to do it just email me please.  My email address is thesm00thmaster@aol.com.  Thanks.


phantom prowler from Dark Side of the Moon wrote 18.05.2001:
URL: http://www.prowler.hotfire.net
hurry up, won't you?

Tosca from Leiden wrote 23.04.2001:
Leuke homepage Mischa!! Tanja had hem aangeraden dus heb ik hem maar eens bezocht.

diceman wrote 16.04.2001:
Very nice page. Hope to see your game finish. One of the best ti86 page on the net. Maybe the best ti8x page.

Nocturnum wrote 18.02.2001:
Really nice webpage. Best TI-86 rewiews on web(donŽt stop updating).
Links section is good too. Great Games.

Elian from Oude Wetering, Nederland wrote 05.02.2001:
URL: http://msnhomepages.talkcity.com/RightWay/tmfvj/main.html
Hey Mischa, stoere site heb je!! Ik heb overal een beetje snel gekeken, maar hij is echt goed. Ik kom nog wel een keertje langs on alles uitgebreider te kijken, Groetjes en XXX Elian

JOE 83 plus from me want 83 plus nemisis wrote 04.02.2001:
yah i want 83 plus version dammit!!!!

Dustin Ruther from What Location ? USA ? California wrote 02.02.2001:
URL: http://www.geocities.com/bobjob13/HomePage.html
Plz convert nemisis to TI83 PLUS!!!!  i love your site as well and i admire what you do the shiar rules!!!!!


nemesis rocks wrote 24.01.2001:
nemesis rocks.

Korgath from i dunno wrote 24.01.2001:
Your site rules and nemesis is #1. I also have one of your orb pictures as one of my backgrounds. Keep up the great work.

cool wrote 23.01.2001:
um...........i think nemesis is cool and i cant wait for the full thing.
and um......good luck on your programin'.  @:-)

Ryan from Here wrote 21.01.2001:
URL: http://www.aramo.8m.com
The blouse contagious.  Well, I suppose that's pretty random.  Oh yeah, and Nemesis looks sweet, keep it up.

nexT from voorschoten wrote 18.01.2001:
kheb je site net bezocht en hijs welgaaf dat vipers is best een grappig spelletje

Kerey Roper from United States wrote 13.01.2001:
URL: http://members.nbci.com/k_roper/
Nice website, complete with screenshots and reviews.  I'm glad to see that someone else is interested in the quality of calculator games.

If anyone is interested, I am working an assembly RPG (see URL).

Daniel from SC wrote 07.01.2001:
Nemesis and Wormy will be so cool.  Your reviews section is, in my opinion, better than ticalc's because every game is reviewed and has a screenshot.  Keep up the good work.         You are currently at 9104 visitors on Sunday 1/7/00 19:15 GMT

Robert Cabri from Leiderdorp wrote 27.12.2000:
URL: http://www.xs4all.nl/~robcabri/
He micha mooi verzorgde site. Ik ben even wat dingen aan het afkijken. Vind je vast niet erg he.

Jason Groff from Ohio, USA wrote 20.12.2000:
You have a great site here!  Can't wait for Nemesis to be complete.  Keep up the good work!

Robert from Spring, TX wrote 03.12.2000:
I have a Canon BJC-6000 too! Got it this summer for like $100. Its super fast and it rocks, runs out of ink quickly though. I laugh at my friend's printers when they print 2ppm black(No, Im not a nerd, just a fellow happy satisfied customer) Good Luck on Nemisis too!

Brandon C. ( RailWolf ) from Alabama, USA wrote 01.12.2000:
URL: http://www.planetquake3.net
Sup Shiar.
Nice reviews page.
Keep it up, bro.
Can't wait till Nemesis is completed.


Cullen Sauls from Earth...I think... wrote 27.11.2000:
URL: http://freeweb.pdq.net/sauls1
Just felt like saying "High everybody" :)

Steven from USA wrote 25.11.2000:
URL: to many, if u want to know them e-mail me
Awsome site, I would really really really enjoy your worms to be done. I love that game. Also Nemesis is awsome and so are your reviews.
oh yea your e-mail thing is screwed up. I guess you actually wrote "at" instead of the sign @. you might want to fix that
Shiar responds: The @-s are intentionally replaced by at-s to prevent spamming.

Stephen from US wrote 24.11.2000:
Extremely well done page!  Where I come to for my 86 needs :-)

Luuk de Jong from Leiden, The Netherlands, Europea wrote 21.11.2000:
Congratulations! You have had a guestbook for exactly one year now!!! Again congratulations! And now a Dutch song:


Mike Bannick wrote 23.10.2000:

diceman wrote 23.10.2000:
nice page. hope to see your games soon. i like multiplayer games so i hope to see your worm game soon. (Did you know that you can play zpong on a ti-86 under ase shell. zpong is a multiplayer pong game that uses the link cable. you just need the ase and zpong version 1.?? not 2.05) I think this game would be a nice addition to your archive.if you can't find this earlier version just e-mail me shiar.

cooliojiggy from unknown wrote 04.10.2000:
Hi there Shiar people!! I just have to say that I really like nemisis game. It kicks ass. Hrmm.. but it seems that you completed the new version ( .98 i believe) but i can't seem to find it anywhere to download. When will this new version be released to the public?

Robert Anderson from Houston, TX wrote 03.09.2000:
Stick to black on Nemisis. It is much better and looks more like space.

James signed 13.08.2000.

Erik wrote 05.08.2000:
Maak je pagina ook in het Latijn. Dat is wel handig. Mijn moedertaal is Nederlands maar ik spreek Latijn.

Ross from CO wrote 18.07.2000:
URL: http://tcpa.calc.org/members/ross
Cool site!

Luuk de Jong from Netherlands wrote 03.06.2000:
URL: http://www.redactie.kennisnet.nl/courses/llr
Goh, leuk zeg.

Priscilla de Rooy from Bijlmermeer wrote 08.05.2000:
He mischi, Sommige dingen zuigen nog wat, maar de rest schopt reet man. Blijf doorgaan met hacken. Later Priscilla

Jolmer van der Sluis from The Netherlands, Leiden wrote 10.04.2000:
I like your website, and it's getting better all the time. Every time I visit this site there's something new or refreshed. OK CU at our boring school.

dusty from IL wrote 09.03.2000:
URL: http://www.8op.com/dustysrealm
i love this site, i visit it like 10 times a day now ;) i cant wait till worm come'z out.... <marquee>UPDATE THIS SITE MORE!!! MAYBE EVERYDAY!!!!! THIS SITE ROCKZZZZZZ!!!</marquee><ENDSIG>

Karin van Leeuwen from The Netherlands wrote 13.02.2000:
Heee Mischa. Dit is veel betor dan toen ik hier voor het laatst was. Echt onwijs cool geworden allemaal. Nou, ik zie je wel weer eens he. Groetjes!

Jorden Verwer from The Netherlands wrote 27.11.1999:
URL: http://www.bonki.nl
I have nothing left to say. Go forth, and tell them. Say that I won't tell anything. Go, and make the message heard. Go, and do not return. I do not wish contact with you. Leave. Do not come back. I have nothing to tell you. Go forth. Do not let me see you again.

Jonah Cohen from VA wrote 24.11.1999:
URL: http://jonah.ticalc.org
Nice webpage :-)

Shiar from Netherlands, Leiderdorp wrote 21.11.1999:
URL: http://shiar.org
Alright! A guestbook!! Looks nice eh? Feel free to write something.