July 2000 news

June 2000 1.July.2000

A terrible month, but still got around to do some things: First of all I wrote an leveleditor for Worm (I never thought I would so soon). Worm itself hasn't been released yet because I can't get the linkplay to work. I've continued working on Nemesis again, and that's going great.

Nemesis progress 5.July.2000

Several more new features, bugfixes and improvements in Nemesis. And I think I may have isolated a bug that crashes your calc now more than ever. I'll try to fix it tomorrow and let you know whether that was the major bug in Nemesis.

Fixed Nemesis 6.July.2000

Yep; I think I finally fixed that major bug. Still have to find an elegant way of fixing it, but this is a temporary solution that works. Nemesis shouldn't crash anymore.

A new feature in Nemesis is you can choose your ship from four different vessels! For now they're all the same, they just look differently. Oh and I also updated the Nemesis page.

Nemesis 98% 7.July.2000

Version 0.98 beta's done. It should be bugless and contain most features the final version will have. However it just has five levels and no storyline, which the next (final?) version will have. I've made an animated screenshot however I do not advise looking at in using a Microsoft Explorer. No download: it simply has too few levels. The final version shouldn't take too long.

More Nemesis 9.July.2000

A new feature in Nemesis added: multiple multiples. Your ship can have upto four multiples following it and firing for you. Look at that screenshot: four multiples and class #2 laser: invincible!

This brings up one big problem: when you fire once with type #3 bullets and four multiples, it will produce 15 bullets. Do this a few times and imagine a poor z80 at 3.58MHz handling 50 bullets - moving them and checking if they hit an enemy or not. In short, the game will run really slow. I hope I can do something about it, or we'll all have to overclock our TIs :P

L8R! 10.July.2000

For the next four weeks I'm taking a holiday, so you won't hear anything from me until august..