August 2002 news

Moving On.. 18.August.2002

Afterall... I hereby, officially, retire from ticalc programming. Don't look too surprised, it's always been coming; ticalcs aren't exactly something you keep on doing. After releasing Wormy I was very disappointed by the community. It really seems like there's no TI-86 users left at all. There are other '86 programmers and good games being released (Jigsaw by Cullen recently), but nobody seems to care. I hardly receive any fanmail - very unlike when I released my Nemesis beta 3 years ago - and no mention at the whole motivation is just gone. While the programming is fun and all, I also want my programs to be used and appreciated.

So, I won't be completing Nemesis. But well, Wormy's here, and my site (with its pretty archives) remains as well, so that's probably enough to be proud about.

And I won't be completely gone (almost feels like I'm dieing here). I'll still be here programming, but for PC now. At the moment I'm very busy learning C, and I hope to eventually make some cool stuff once again. Wormy for the PC sounds very interesting IMO; we'll see. Rightnow I'm already working on my first project, a kewl multiplayer Tetris clone for Linux (more about that later).

Anyways, don't expect any calc updates here from now (read: a few months ago) on, but me and this site will remain. Later :)