March 2002 news

Fear my Survey-powers! 2.March.2002

The last one should have been something like Calculator upgrades you have, but because of me being too lazy to add another two words, it became more like you want. Doesn't matter. Seems most of you want more memory (34%). More results on the Survey page.
The new poll is about when you think Wormy's gonna be released (this will in no way affect the release date.)

Wormy 99% 4.March.2002

Should be the last version before its release. Some pretty nice changes:

  • clipped circles!
  • levelfile detection data for the new yas (real neat ;)
  • race scoring improved (no death penalty, no halflap bonus)
  • third singleplayer episode, and more multiplayer levels added
  • the usual bugs nailed: Fixed growth recovery, linkplay setting, multipea reset, switching episode pages, some stuff in the editor (most notably placing over 32 objects in a single level), and ctf scoring
AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!! 6.March.2002

Random Wormy screenshot Guess what? I DID IT AFTERALL! Wormy's gold!
Alright then ppls, without further stalling for time, i present to you:

  • Wormy 100% - the long awaited übergame complete with editor and sources (103kB)
  • Wormy less-than-100% - the same great game, but without the additional crap like editor and sources (22kB)

Just grab something and enjoy :)

Now that It's Loose 13.March.2002

Seems everybody's quite happy I finally released Wormy (including me). It also seems to be working pretty well, not much big bad bugs afaik (just don't set multifood to 0 peas, and it may crash when you hide levels in yas..) I may work on it some more (especially the editor of course) when I've got the time.

About other sites: I was rather disappointed :( Some kind words by Eric (even got an underlined 10/10 for it), Cullen, and TI-News. However, didn't even bother to include my screenshots, and put it somewhere between dozens of graphics and BASIC programs. Only after a few days they agreed to make it featured (too late by then though).
Overall Wormy's hardly been seen. Too bad, 'cause I still think it turned out to be a nice game. Maybe in a few years it'll slowly get noticed?

Dvorak 25.March.2002

Not programming atm. Maybe later. Something I did do is make a page about the Dvorak keyboard layout! It contains some extensive tests on word/letter frequencies (yes I've been busy ;)), clearly showing the inferiority of qwerty ;) and also info about non-us Dvorak variations. Enjoy.

Quux Everybody 28.March.2002

Minor changes to this site here and there. Notably, I've stopped using phpsessions. Maybe now Google will spider me again? My about section has also been updated; now including my webcam, more personalities, and updated home.
I'll probably release a new game for the TI-86 tomorrow (Fear!)
Thanks to Ricky Cobb and Aaron Curtis for mentioning Wormy.

Claustro 29.March.2002

Claustro screenshot A new game for the 86. No Wormy-quality. I just made it to show a BASIC programmer that asm programs can be insanely small too. At just 104 bytes it's still playable! Make that 188 bytes if you also want hiscores and stuff, but it's still small. Download it at the Claustro page.