January 2002 news

Wormy 97% 3.January.2002

Happy new year! Let's start it well with a new version of Wormy:

  • No more internal levels. Everything considered, external levels only is just the best way to go (plus, the program file became too big.) I'm just fearing the clueless users who don't upload the levels...
  • Improved lineroutine - lines and circles can now be twice as big. Not big enough yet, but that will probably never happen (I'd have to switch to using words.) I've settled with a maximum length of ~128 pixels, which will have to do.
  • Made a second episode with 10 singleplayer levels, and started work on a third levelpack with multiplayer levels.
  • Multiple peas! Singleplayer levels can have all the peas in place before start, instead of the normal "one pea after another". And there's a Multifoodmatch mode, which is a normal multiplayer foodmatch, but also with multiple peas (upto 99 of em!).

I'm not planning on making any more major changes (the multiple peas thing was just a brilliant idea by Scabby, which I just had to do.) The last few versions before the 100% release should only contain bugfixes, additional levels, and a more tested linkplay,

Happy new year Ended 7.January.2002

In other words, school has started again :( Also lotsa tests coming up :(
One bit of good news: I'll be able to test Wormy linkplay some more. Today we found out that the link isn't realiable with near-dead batteries ;] But tomorrow we'll hopefully be able to test whether the levels are transmitted correctly..

Survey 18.January.2002

New poll's up. The last one was pretty interesting. It closed with the most of the voters (112 out of 315 total) saying the 86 was the l33test calc of them all! Good. However, there also were a stunning amount of people who actually thought the TI-83(+) was l33t. Dear god! Well, it's probably best not to say anything else.
(Good) News tomorrow prolly.

Wormy 98% 19.January.2002

Like I said: no more major changes in Wormy. Still, I think this new version has been more altered than any version before. So many things improved. They're just all minor. Out of the large list o' changes, here's the most important ones:

  • fixed autogrowth, disabled objects, sending peas, steep lines, fourth worm's memory
  • transmits all game+level data over link
  • teams (combines scores of worm 1+3 and 2+4)
  • wall overwrite bug finally fixed
  • lots and lots of optimizations

Especially the wall overwrite bug is something I'd never have believed I could fix. Still, I did. That and many other things. I'm actually proud of what Wormy has become (at last), and (I've said it before, but really this time...) it's very close to its release. Just a few more levels and a little testing. Stay tuned.

Random Updates 28.January.2002

Altered the popup navigation thingies a little (now they're less cool, but work better imho.) Also made a main ticalc programming section, which i can expand if I ever feel bored (not likely...). I fixed the Findpixels, added a little note to the Nemesis page, and made a happy page with some of Sinfest's dog+kitty comics, in case anybody's feeling depressed.