December 2000 news

(News) 2.December.2000

Sorry 'bout the lack of updates. Last week i've been quite busy with school and my computer. (And this will stay like that for probably another week or so, sorry.)

Details: I've bought a great printer (Canon BJC-6000: ok quality but really cheap!) a scanner (Agfa e50: amazing quality, expect more graphics on this site soon ;) a harddisk (45GB) and a 486DX2-66/16MB system which I'm currently installing Linux on.

(Sinterklaas) 5.December.2000

Elk jaar komt 'ie met veel bombarie aan, schept metershoge verwachtingen, en wat denk je? Weer een nieuwe pyjama.

Site schtuff 9.December.2000

Weird: all results of the current poll have spontaneously reset... I'll look into it. Also I've made several CSS changes, and updated the my computers page (with a picture of my current pc).

New Bug 15.December.2000

It's been confirmed there's a new bug in Nemesis (two betatesters have reported it): it occurs sometimes when you're running it from ASE with like <2kB free mem. It's probably caused by some other program run before Nemesis (since it doesn't occur on a "clean" calc). Of course I'll try to fix it if I can...

(Also) made more changes to this site. 1: It should look alot better in Netscape (although still terrible compared to msie), 2: new (lot faster but very ugly) counter, and 3: Removed the banner, since it was taking too long to load, and none of you cheap bastards clicked it anyways ;P

Nemesis advertising 18.December.2000

With Nemesis nearing completion, I just made a banner advertising it (just for phun: I doubt anyone(xcept me)'s gonna put it on his page.) And here's a reaction i hadn't heared before: Sweet, that game rocks the shuttle cock..

Fanmail 20.December.2000

No Nemesis progress because of this email I just received. It kinda ruined my good mood. Reminds me of this rant Cullen wrote a while ago. This is why i won't release anymore public betas (preview versions) until it's completely, more than done, as some people obviously don't understand the meaning of a beta.

(Winter) 22.December.2000

Holidays have begun, and to celebrate this I've made a Winter logo (original snow crystal here). Hopefully I've got some more time to work on Nemesis now.

(Merry XMAS) 25.December.2000

I just have to do this: merry Christmas (or Hanukkah, or holidays or whatever...)

New games 30.December.2000

Some great games have just been released. There's a new Phoenix (for all calcs now, including 83) with armor indicator! So while i'm still busy mudding around with Nemesis you can at least shoot some aliens. And just released today: Megacar! I didn't expect it so soon, but here it is! I've already reviewed both games here. Also Alien Breed: Tower Assault has been released for the TI-83. It's great, but doesn't work on the 86 :(yet?).
As of today, 2000 was a great year :P