Logo history

My very first logo, made all by myself in Paint Shop Pro 4:

SHIAR homepage april 1999

Then I got Ulead Cool3D and made it in cool 3D:

SHIAR homepage november 1999

Altered it a bit:

SHIAR homepage march 2000

Restyle to red:

SHIAR.org Homepage 26 may 2000

And finally dropped in favour of a custom, much simpler design:

SHIAR.nl Homepage 2 february 2009

Special logos

Just like professional sites, I also created some different logos for special occasions (in my case, the occasion being boredom mostly).


SHIAR homepage 22 october 2000


SHIAR homepage 27 october 2000
(23 november 2001)


SHIAR homepage 18 december 2000
22 december 2001


SHIAR homepage 17 november 2001

Happy 2002:

SHIAR homepage 31 december 2001


SHIAR homepage 19 january 2002
secret ;)


If you wish to put a link to this site on your page, you could use one of these banners (point to http://shiar.nl/):

SHIAR.nl Homepage (400x96) White background
SHIAR.nl Homepage (88x31) Button

Old banners

For prosperity, these are the old banners for shiar.org:

Shiar Homepage (400x96) White background
Shiar Homepage (400x96) Black background
Shiar Homepage (200x48) White background
Shiar Homepage (200x48) Black background
SHIAR Homepage (88x31) Button
SHIAR Homepage (128x64) TI-86 logo (4greys)


These are logos that never made it to the main page, or I just made for fun:

SHIAR homepage march 2000: Just for fun, I animated my logo. Never put it on my page though, much too big -- 670kB
Shiar Homepage 28 april 2000: Wire-3D logo; made using Bryce-2 and PhotoShop
Shiar Homepage 29 april 2000: Another experiment for a fresh new logo: using the old one, a nice texture and PhotoShop I made this.
Shiar Homepage 12 june 2000: Also animated my new red logo; just for fun -- 450kB