September 1999 news

Nemesis BETA 4.September.1999

The first public release of my newest game Nemesis. An arcade-game based on the old MSX-game (Nemesis) written for the TI-86 calculator. Completely written in z80 assembler. It's fast and cool, and a good preview of what's to come (it ain't finished yet, you know).

Nemesis 0.93 11.September.1999

Just released Nemesis version 0.93 to (best TI-calc site) and the ti-files. Still beta, but improved a lot. Major changes since 0.9:

  • upgrade your ship with lasers, multiples, torpedoes and armor!
  • score-count and saves hi-score
  • keys changed to 2nd (fire) and alpha (select)
  • bug fixed: screen cleared, enemies removed at death, crash on quit, iconbar, and more...

Still to come: more levels and enemies, bosses, upgrades, save name with hi-score, less bugs, more fun.

Runtime error #200 21.September.1999

It's very likely that if you started one of my PC programs, you got a runtime error #200 or divide by zero. This is because all of my programs were made in Borland Pascal and your PC is just too fast. I won't bother you with detailed hows and whys, but I have fixed the problem for all my programs!! All my programs run 100% ok now.