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Software '99

All software for the PC (DOS) I made so far this year. Starting with my latest releases. For each program I wrote instructions, and something about the creation of it in italics. I also made a screenshot for each program. Before downloading anything, please read any comments (read this first) first.

Rawviewer example RawViewer

Last (and first) release v1.531, june 1999

This program can be used to view raw onebyte=pixel images, like 256c bitmaps without headers stored in one datafile. Scrollable in all directions, line width (320 pixels default) can be increased and decreased with insert and delete. Palette can be loaded from any file position (RGB stored as 3- or 4-byte), or grey/colored/inverted/random palette can be set. Also featuring drawing up and/or left,hex. view to set byte-accurate position and adjustable scrolling-speed and -step. Bad things are: a bit slow (reload and redraw each frame, but works ok with Pentium+), and just 320x200, no more...

Made to view CPU-pictures stored in cpuidle.exe (nice program!). Some useless info: the screenshot shows a piece of poptball.wad.

Download rawview.exe (19kb)
Readme: Give filename as first parameter, example: rawview pictures.dat at dos-prompt. Press F1 to see key-functions.

Latijn screenshot Latijn (dutch / nederlands)

educational; text 40x25...132x43
Last release v1.3, april 1999

A dutch program that'll practice your latin skills.
Dutch: Een latijns woord wordt gegeven, waarvan de Nederlandse vertaling(en), en soms het onregelmatige meervoud, gegeven moeten worden. Kiesbaar zijn de lessen tussen 1 en 28 van de methode Via Nova.

My most recent program I wrote so I could learn my latin... Wrote assembler procedures for text-window up/down scrolling, so the whole thing doesn't have to be redrawn every time you scroll one word. Looks nice.

Download (36kb).
No comments.

Noname screenshot Noname (more)

game; 320x200 (chained, 8bit)
Last release v0.999.321, march 1999

Noname's like the classic "asteroids", but without the asteroids and with all kinds of ships. It can be played against the computer and/or against upto four human players (on the same computer, keyboard only for now)

My first - and last - real game with good-looking graphics etc. But like most of my programs I never finished it; this time because I couldn't get hi-res graphics working.

Download noname_p.exe Windows32 self-extracting archive (279kb).
Readme: Press <ESC> in main menu to start. More info 'bout Noname at the Noname page.

Fractal screenshot Fractal

demo; 320x240 or 640x400 (8bit)
Finished january 1999 (or before, I just found it lieing on my harddisk).

This program will simply show the Julia-fractal, and change it a bit each time it redraws it (an animation with one frame/sec on my P133). Looks OK.

Download fractal.exe (15kb)
Readme: When you run fractal.exe, you'll first have to enter how much each frame changes. The higher the value, the sooner it's over (I use 0.01 on my P133). Then enter x- and y-resolutions. Valid are only 320 and 240 or 640 and 400 (640x400 requires a VESA-compatible card and may not work)!!

Software '98

A listing of the software I produced last year..

Vipers screenshot Vipers (more)

game; 256x256...640x400 (8bit, tweaked and VESA modes)
Last release v2.45, december 1998

Let the snake eat all apples and don't let it run into any wall or something. The snake will grow with each apple. When you ate everything, you'll proceed to the next level, and you will encounter more and more exotic things, like one-way arrows, moving blocks/walls, bouncing balls, enemy snakes, teleporters, and more... Vipers has also got a multiplayer option. Play with a friend (cooperative) or play a deathmatch against one or more players (upto six players, or upto ten computer-controlled snakes). Deathmatch can be played with or without weapons.

My first game with real 256-color graphics (in tweaked resolutions ranging from 256x200 to 400x600 and VESA modes of 512x384 or 640x400) and sound blaster sound. I wrote the procedures myself in assembly language. Spent a lot of time writing the game, but I never finished it...

Download vipers_p.exe (325kb)
Readme: Run the self-extracting archive to install to any r/w drive. Help file included in zipfile, and will be displayed the first time you start Vipers. Read it carefully. More info 'bout the game at the Vipers page.

Some frames of Shiar's Mouse Pointer Mouse pointer

animated cursor; 168 frames
Finished april 1998

Not a program, but an animated cursor (.ani). I took a normal yellow cursor and put it into action. It shakes it's tail, changes color, grows a new tail, and more...

Didn't like that boring white cursor in windows, but wanted something to point with. So I made this hyper-active cursor.

Download pointer.ani (128kb)
Readme: I'm not gonna explain how to change a mouse pointer. Try and amaze yourself...

HiQ screenshot HiQ

edu; text 40x25 (4bit)
Last release v2.16, march 1998

This game can be used to practice your mathematical and typing skills. Choose between multiplication, division, addition, substraction, sqaration, flashwords (a word appears for a very brief time, which you have to retype) or choose to type full strings, single words, batch commands. Each game has five difficulty settings and a hi-score list for each difficulty. The score will depend on the correctness and average time.

I wrote this game to help my younger brother reading, my younger sister typing, and both of them to practice their maths. The program is pretty complete, and is playable in both dutch and english.

Download hiq.exe (25kb)
Read this first: HiQ writes scores and settings to hiq.dat, so it can't be run from a read-only drive (like a write-protected floppy).

Software '97

My first real productions for the PC. Programs dating even further back aren't worth displaying.

Zero Attack screenshot Zero Attack

game (arcade); text 80x25 (4bit)
Last release v2.61, october 1997

Move the ship at the bottom left and right. Zeroes will enter the field and'll move around and fire on you. But you can fire back. Earn money by destroying the zeroes. After a sector has been completed you can buy three out of the 27 available weapons, or one of the 15 different missiles, or upgrade the shield. Then continue fighting against more advaced zeroes, and finally, the end-"bosses".

I made this game after Sheet Invaders. The first real playable game I wrote. Also featuring ship damage and a message log (with window "scrolling") and a lot of cheats.

Download Zero.exe (30kb)
No comments, just run the exe-file (doesn't need external files).

GubWeb screenshot GubWeb

"game"; 640x400 (4bit)
Last release v1.20, june 1997

You are the four pixels in the upper-right corner of a big maze. First you must go to the middle, then to a purple block, and then to the bottom-left corner. Then you proceed to the next level. In each level there are some green and red "gubs" (=pixels). The reds will damage you or some will even fire. The greens are harmless. You can kill gubs by firing or standing on them.

My first PC-game in graphics mode. I made it together with a friend. We used a standard pascal BGI file. Too slow for real graphics, but it did display basic 640x400x4. The "mazes" were randomally generated and drawn with the line procedure. Not a really cool game, but it was fun to make it.

Download gubweb.exe (50kb)
Readme: The title screen stored in picture.rec is not included (64kB extra for a dull image). Instead, create an empty file named picture.rec. Now run gubweb.exe and press any key at the loading...-screen.