About Vipers

Vipers screenshot My first rea1 game in graphical mode I ever wrote: VIPERS! Just like the classic "Nibbles" (or Ibit, Rattler Race, Snake, etc..) you will take control over a 'worm' and make sure (s)he eats all "food" (while growing longer) and doesn't run into any wall. But Vipers has all kinds of special elements like one-way arrows, moving/crushing blocks/walls, bouncing balls, traffic lights, telebricks, enemy vipers, shooting enemy vipers, teleporters, and more exotic things.
Furthermore, you can play singleplayer levels alone or with a friend, or play multiplayer levels with upto four players (one keyboard) and upto 12 computer controlled vipers. You can play with or without weapons. A lot of options.

But, the game ain't quite finished yet... haven't improved it the last few months (first my computer broke, then I began working on "noname") so this very old version is all there is. There are just a few levels (once there were 32, but then I decided to change the file format and I never got time to rewrite them), so you won't encounter most objects (no moving stuff, no enemy vipers).

Still want to download? (at your own risk)

Vipers version 2.45 beta 2 full 532kB Protected mode + sounds
Vipers version 2.45 beta 2 no sound 329kB Protected mode, no sound effects
Vipers version 2.45 beta 2 small 285kB Real mode, no sound

BTW: If you really like Vipers, write me, and I just might think about finishing it...

Nibbles clones

(original) Nibbles screenshotI made Vipers after Nibbles, a demo game for Microsoft QBasic. You'll need this to run Nibbles. Years ago I rewrote Nibbles in FirstBasic (=PowerBasic), named Mibbles. Mibbles is just like Nibbles, the only difference is that the program is much smaller (easier to understand I hope), and can be compiled to an executable. (Mibbles can also be run under QBasic by replacing delay D by something like for i=1 to D*50000 : next on a P133 (that's why I quit writing in QBasic)). All these files can be downloaded right here.

nibbles.bas 24kB © 1990 Microsoft co Original Nibbles for QBasic
mibbles.bas 3kB april 1995 by Shiar Mibbles for most unlined Basics
mibbles.exe 31kB Shiar '96 compiled using FirstBasic Compiled Mibbles (DOS text-mode)
nibbles.86g 2kB © 1997 Bill Nagel Nibbles v1.6 for any TI-86 calculator
nibbles0.86p 5kB 1997 by Patrick Davidson Nibbles for the TI-86
rattler.zip 52kB © 1991 C.L.Fraley Rattler Race (vbrun100.dll required)
ibid.zip 47kB © 1994 Birken software Inc. Ibid, another Nibbles-clone for DOS