About Noname

What's Noname?

Noname's like the classic "asteroids" game, but without the asteroids and with all kinds of ships. It can be played against the computer and/or against upto four human players (on the same computer, keyboard only for now).

Why is it called Noname?

Because I couldn't think of a good name, I made up this temporary name. As soon as I think of a better one, the name changes. If you've got any idea, please tell me.

What's should be improved?

Rightnow, the game can be pretty slow (>20 ships on <Pentium), but the worst thing is: it's 320x200! The game should be in at least 640x480 so you won't collide with everybody every second. Finally: there aren't any sound effects or music.

Can I download Noname?

Yes. You can even choose between two different versions (Protected mode version recommended). Choose one here:

noname_p.exe 279kb NONAME version 0.999.321 beta full version (new win32 installation) protected mode
noname_r.exe 196kb NONAME version 0.999.318R beta full version (old DOS-install) real mode


Of course you should see it all moving, 'cause you don't see the bullets and stuff on a static shot (looks just like the stars on the background). But here they are:

Version changes

Some version changes from version 0.99 to 0.999 beta: