May 1999 news

Tunnels cheat 9.May.1999

Does anybody still remember the game Tunnels of Armageddon?? A cool game, but almost impossible to finish. I couldn't either, so I cracked the savegame. Just use a hex editor (like hiew) to edit the saved.tnl-file to these values:

   byte nr.      meaning
   --------      -------
   00            level nr. (starts at level+1; max. = 13h = level 20)
   02 03 04 05   score (use high value to get in high score table)
   06 07         X-reserve ("W"-key: continuous yellow fire; max = 0Fh?)
   08 09         Health (max = 5Ah, ship will be damaged when >5Ah)
   0A 0B         Power system / health 2 (max = 5Ah, may be >max)
   0C 0D         Turbo reserve (max = 12h, may be more)
   0E 0F         Y-reserve ("R"-key: resistance??? max = 0Fh?)
   10 11         Yellow ammo ("E"-key: try this! max = FFFFh)
   12 13         [] (monsters don't fire; just for a brief time)
   14 15         Red ammo (max = 24 or more)
   16 17         Purple ammo (max = 24 or more)

To finish the game, select recall a saved game to recall the cheat-game. Turbo to the end of the level, where you'll encounter several "monsters". Blast them away (E). At the end of the level, you'll see some kind of traffic light with four colors. Quickly fire a shot at each color (yellow fire doesn't work) and then destroy the big destroyer (?). This ain't very easy, but it can be done. Just try it several times and be lucky.

When you've completed tunnels, enjoy the demo. At the main menu, you can select randomized tunnels for different levels.

RawViewer 31.May.1999

New tool I made to view raw images, like pictures stored in an .exe-file. You might find it usefull, otherwise forget about it. Download (20kb) and info available at my productions page. If you're missing a feature (except hi-res, I dunno how to do that), contact me. If you know how to draw in 640x400+ (pascal or assembler, not some language using easy DirectX or something), please contact me too.