December 1999 news

Above construction 8.December.1999

Even though you won't see much changes, I did change some things (everything is now ordered into five categories: news, productions, ti86, about me and last but not least: the smiley). As of now, my homepage is no longer under construction. Of course I will try to keep updating it. If you find any broken link or other errors please tell me!

Stats4all 11.December.1999

As you can see, next to the usual counter, there's a new icon: stats4all. It's the coolest counter I've ever seen: it will make nice tables of visitors per hour/day/week/month/year, and it's free! Just check it out.

More news: I've collected some pictures of the FS Hamsters, click here!

ZTetris cheat for 86 16.December.1999

Cheat report: At school I often play zTetris with a friend, Free Bird, on our TI86es. We play the TI-85 version because it's much better. He always loses, but not this time: he found out that when you break out of 85-emulation (ON-key using YAS) and start zTetris again you can start all over again, with a clean field. If you do it quickly the other one won't even notice. Great cheat!

Worm news 17.December.1999

A long time since I last told you about Worm. I just encountered some problems with link-play, which turned out to be that linking with the computer (Virtual TI) didn't work properly, but normal linking did. And besides that there was a bug that was hard to fix. But now it works again. Multiplay too. But no release yet: some things still have to be improved... Just hang on!

Worm news 20.December.1999

Got Worm 4-player mode to work and made a game-over screen showing the stats of all worms.

Worm news 23.December.1999

Worm animated shot (singleplayer) The latest changes in Worm: a new menu system and a major bug fixed! Every worm's stats are displayed after each game: name, score, and deaths.

(On the right you see an animated screenshot of me playing a 4-player game all by myself.)

Holiday! 24.December.1999

Finally the holidays have begun again! I hope everybody will have a great holiday/Christmas.

Server down 26.December.1999 was down yesterday, in case you wondered. I doubt anyone noticed, 'cause I'm just getting about 5 visitors a day :(

Worm news 27.December.1999

The last Worm-bug I know off has been fixed. Took me some time, but I finally realized _vputmap destroys the ix register! Who would've thought... With no bugs left, it's time to make some new ones: I'll start by improving linkplay (food on same places on both calcs) and add some game-types (hot pursuit and race).

Happy 2000! 31.December.1999

All the best wishes for this new year. My plans for the year 2000 are: finish Worm, finish Nemesis, maybe make some more good games. However I'll spend some more time at school too 'cause that's not going all so rightnow. Anyways a whole new year: have fun in it!!