February 2001 news

More Updates 2.February.2001

The pages' headers have changed a little again (best ever in my opinion. Took quite some time to implement into all subpages btw...) Also did some effort to make my page even more Netscape compatible. And I'd almost call it acceptable!! You more or less get the idea what you're missing without MsIE. Anyways I think my page looks really cool now.

Also: it took me a few hours, but now you can vote+comment on all 83 games in my archives. Check it out, and leave a few messages to make these archives even better!! Just the TI-83 archives for now (since they're visited most). TI-85/86 archives later.

Calc.org and other sites 10.February.2001

They finally did it! Dimension-TI (now officially named calc.org) has been completely redesigned. It looks much better; maybe they'll live afterall.
This unlike TI-Files which has been dead for a long time now. Also TIGalaxy hasn't been updated in over two months (doesn't look like it'll ever be a big three.) And almost every other TI site (including this one )= is being updated less to a lot less frequently (though I'm planning a li'l update for my page, more news on that later).

TetriFAST Back 17.February.2001

Great news for ppl playing TetriFAST (like me). A little while ago the only server plibble.com stopped. But now there's a new server up and running at tetrifast.com or tfast.org! To celebrate I updated my TetriNET page ;-)

RTFM!! 23.February.2001

The new comment/voting-system in my archives is slowly getting noticed and even used. Also abused: some aol-person called Ryan has posted "I'd like a copy of that cool game please email it to me." all over the archives. Also two other posts about how to download files or upload games to a calc. As I explained on the ticalc main page just click the download icon to download a file. Other questions ask me or someone else by email; but don't post stupid questions in my archives! Thank you.

Wormy 93% 25.February.2001

Wormy demo shot 25.II.01 Again I'm taking a break with Nemesis. Just like a year ago, I just got very bored on it. Don't worry, I will finish it later. For now I'm resuming work on Wormy! This is going much better. After a full day of coding, I've already completed the new version 0.93. Some of the improvements are:

  • I finally implemented my circle routine (see screenshot.)
  • Game over screen looks better (less basic.)
  • Some bugs fixed like the one that stored names wrong.
  • Best of all: I've completely redone the menu, so it is much easier to use and more pretty (see second screenshot.)
Wormy demo shot 25.II.01

Still quite some things to do: most importantly make linkplay work (4%), fix CTF (2%), and make keys customizable.

January Survey ends 28.February.2001

This one should've ended a long time ago, but I never had the inspiration for a new survey. But I finally thought of something; please vote on the left! Oh, and here're the results for the last poll:

What's your favorite TI-86 shell? (82 votes)
YAS barbar 38 (46%)
ASE barbar 17 (20%)
Rascall barbar 14 (17%)
asm( barbar 5 (6%)
other barbar 3 (3%)
dunno / don't have a TI-86 barbar 5 (6%)