January 2001 news

Happy 2k++ 1.January.2001


New (fixed) Survey 3.January.2001

AGAIN, my survey spontaneously reset. These were the results that i had saved for my previous survey: Have people been on this site before?:
Yes:  32.1%  (9)
No:  17.9%  (5)
Yeah, I visit daily:  42.9%  (12)
Nope, but i have from now on:  3.6%  (1)
No: my 1st and last time!:  3.6%  (1)
Total votes: 29

I'm using a new voting script now, which hopefully won't reset. Please take the new survey!

TI-83+ SE 10.January.2001

You all must have noticed the huge discussion currently going on at ticalc.org. Finally all 83-fans have an argument that the 83++ is better than the 86. I do not agree. 1. It may have alot of memory, but the 96kB on my 86 is enough to store everything you ever want to. 2. It may be faster, but games probably won't run correctly anymore, and any z80-calc can safely be overclocked to 24MHz... that's even more (with turbo switch if you would want to switch back.) 3. It's probably gonna be quite expensive! For less money you have an overclocked TI-86 which has more features, games, enough mem (nearly all 86 owners agree!) and is even faster!
I don't see any advantages, plus the screen's smaller and there's alot more good software (games) available for the 86. Really, the TI-86 will always be my favorite.

Nemesis83 14.January.2001

Just letting everybody know I'm still working on Nemesis, but it hasn't been going too well. I've started porting it to the TI-83 (Ion). A lot of ppl asked me to do it, and it may take out that ASE-bug (86) too. However it ain't as easy as it seems. Rightnow it works, but crashes about every minute. Also school ain't going too well either, so I don't have that much time to program. Anyways I'm still working on it, but it could take a while =(

Hampstorz have returned!! 19.January.2001

FS HamsterCam! After being down for over a year, Firingsquad have finally brought back their hamstercam page! Quote from their PR:

They're baaaaaaaaack! After a successful European tour, the Hamsters have made their triumphant return to the safe haven of FiringSquad.
(...) So due to popular demand, we've called in our lighting and camera crews to set up, not one, but two Hamster Cams!
How i missed spying on those cute pokemon. Go to firingsquad.gamers.com/mouse to see them. I'll update my own Hamstercam page soon.

10,000 visitors 21.January.2001

So far over 10000 ppl have visited this site since 1 january 2000. Nearly half of that (4194 visitors) since 1 december 2000 (less than two months). More stats: Just 26 people have signed my guestbook so far. So less than 0.3% of my visitors actually leave me a line =( My data traffic since december 16, 2000 was nearly 400MB (note I have a 1GB/month transfer limit... I may have to start looking for another host.) Anyways keep on comin' and please write me something ;-)

Page updates 27.January.2001

Updated several pages of this site. The favorite software page has split into my favorite software and my fav games. Furthermore I've been working on a comment+vote system for my TI83-86 reviews. In just a few days I wrote my first Perl-script and it seems to work. I'll post something again when I've finished added this new feature to my entire archive.