September 2000 news

August 2000 2.September.2000

I've been on holiday and schools have started again. Still had some time to work on Nemesis. It's nearly finished - although I keep finding things that can be improved. It's being betatested and I've got someone helping with the storyline too.

Next month I think I'll get the new host for this page, 'cause of the Fortunecity banners and popups. I also hope to finally release Nemesis; but I'm not promising anything. (when it's done!)

Nemesis pickups 6.September.2000

One of the most unique features in the Nemesis/Gradius games, is the pickup system. I was thinking, maybe it's better to let go of that system in Nemesis86. With all the new features implemented it's not really working alright: if you play well, the game gets too easy; if you don't, the game'll be impossible. Not much fun either way. Instead I want to give the pickups at specified times. Any comments, please tell me.

Nemesis pickups (continued) 8.September.2000

The new pickup system: At the end of a level, after defeating the boss, a pickup will appear. Use it to upgrade your beam weapon, collect two to upgrade your laser, or three to activate tail beam or up double, or a multiple (w/ laser). So you'll have to choose where to put your upgrades (what weapon, how many multiples) and I'll try to make that a hard choise (both weapons have different advantages and play differently).
During the normal game smaller pickups will appear as usual (after destroying x enemies) which will directly increase your armor.

Nemesis 99% 9.September.2000

Nemesis version 0.99 is completed, exactly one year after version 0.92. The next version will be the public 1.0. A few of the huge list o' improvements are:

  • Upto four multiples, animated multiples
  • B/W mode changable at pause screen, will be saved
  • New enemies and bosses firing 4-6 bullets and mines
  • Hardcore mode
  • Armor pickups and one upgrade pickup per level
  • Small explosion when bullet hits enemy

I'm thinking of releasing the full improvements list on my site, but I'm affraid I might cross my 10MB limit :-)

More Reviews 12.September.2000

Over 125 reviews made. This includes 17 TI-83 reviews: I want to make my page more than 86-only. Of course I've checked whether or not Ion86 emulation worked for each reviewed game ;)

Not Nemesis-related 17.September.2000

Some updates to my page:

  • Even more reviews! (141) (btw I calculated I grade the average TI-86 game 65%)
  • Made a Previous shiar homepages page with screenies of how this page used to be.
  • Updated the Shiar logo page.
  • The About me page contains some more stuff (like pictures of where I live).
Decrease of Updates 20.September.2000

Currently my internet connection is just terrible, and I've also got alot less spare time (cuz of school and stuff). If all goes well I should get ADSL next week, which also means a new host for my site, and I'll be online a lot lot more.

CalcWire Discontinued 21.September.2000

Suddenly, without warning... The fresh 'n new group CalcWire - full of good ideas - is gone. Hopefully most projects will still continue; my own games for certain.

New host 23.September.2000

This page will now be hosted by xs4all, my new ISP. I don't have that fast DSL connection yet, so uploading all 20MB of this page may take a while.
UPDATE (25.9): Page completely uploaded (plz report any broken links)

ADSL finally 26.September.2000

I've got a lovely ADSL-connection, and you haven't! -- Giant Spider
What? Nemesis? Right... I'm still working on the levels (received the first version of the storyline yesterday.)

Wormy 28.September.2000

Major news everybody: I've changed the name of Worm into Wormy. The name's much cooler and less confusion with Worms.

I've tried to implement Bezier-curves for really cool levels, however it didn't work. I quickly wrote a prog in Pascal, but writing it in z80 ain't that easy: just too much variables (at least ten coordinates) and alot of multiplications. Levels will just be the plain lines, boxes and -soon- circles.

Spheres-on-demand 29.September.2000

Spheres XII preview Accidentally, my spheres-images (which I made just for fun) have become quite popular. On demand I've rendered Spheres IX and XII at 1024x768.

New Poll 30.September.2000

I've added a new poll (at the left bar). May I suggest you take it this time.