November 2000 news

It still works (sort of) 3.November.2000

My TI-86's getting worse all the time: since yesterday 15 keys (including Enter, left and down) have suddenly stopped functioning! Combine this with the 3 broken lines of my LCD screen and you probably have the crappiest calc ever. But hey, the thing still works! (ie I can turn it on and the cursor blinks :-P)

Circle Routine 4.November.2000

Last holiday I wrote a routine that draws filled circles (to use them in Wormy). Today I put it from the paper onto my PC and it works quite nicely.

I made it free for everybody to download. I think I did a pretty good job. The program calculates only the first 45 degrees and copies that eight times for speed. Anyways, download the file for more details. Btw the file also contains the routine in TI-Basic ;)

Site Changes 5.November.2000

A few minor modifications: it's now got an ie5.5 custom scrollbar, the headers are now fully ie4 compatible, and i've placed an ad in the hope you guys click on it so i can earn a few bucks.
Update 6.november
This page should now be readable under Netscape 4.x! It still looks bad, but at least now you NS users can read this: use MSIE!
Also you can see the latest additions to my archives in the bar on the left (I'll make some more reviews soon).

Updates? Where? 15.November.2000

No news items in over a week! Have I died or something?? Nope, just nothing interesting to tell. I have been making some new reviews (just check the bar on the left.) Also worked on Nemesis (more news soon).

Alot of Reviews 19.November.2000

Hehe. Just wanted to say I beat Twilight-TI's archives: 46 TI-83 games, 10 TI-85 and 113 TI-86 games (compared to their 45, 0 and 38). Next goals are Ticalc and Dim-TI...

Survey: Nemesis Size 23.November.2000

It's closed and here are the results: just 32 votes (less than last time, maybe because of the difficult question? Or maybe cause no duplicate votes were allowed :-) Anyways, a shocking 15.6% said it should be less than 5kB - and it won't! I estimate about 6800 (with the storyline left out!) Sure, Galaxian may be 4500, but Nemesis' got a little more (well alot more actually). I think even that 15% will find it worth the space.

Full result for the poll What would be the maximal acceptable size of Nemesis v1.0?:

<2.5kB:  0%  (0)
<5kB:  15.6%  (5)
<7.5kB:  9.4%  (3)
<10kB:  18.8%  (6)
<15kB:  18.8%  (6)
<20kB:  12.5%  (4)
Any size:  25%  (8)
Total votes: 32

A new survey's up; plz take it!

Guestbook & Logo 24.November.2000

My new guestbook (a neat cgi script based on Guestserver v4.12) is up and running. Please Sign it if you haven't done it yet!
In further news I've made a cool Thanksgiving logo (although I don't celebrate it myself :-) Enjoy!