April 2002 news

Goody 1.April.2002

Sorry no april fools jokes here (no phun at this site.)
I do have this serious (but still interesting) news: w3m-img is in debian! A special optimized version of this site can be gotten with ?haphap=3 (unfortunately user-agent is the same as with normal w3m, so it can't be shown automatically.) Looky: Screenshot!
And at last, no more PPTP, NAT or DHCP-spoofing for me! (mxstream-gebruikers zie hier.)

Holy Stuff 13.April.2002

Holyness.. Aaron's finished his great TI-86 Raygame: Blinded by the Dark <insert Simpsons quote here>. I've personally declared this RPG holy (heh, GNU GPL even) and you should downloaded it ASAP! :P

Furthermore, I've pronounced my new trackball with extremely l33t lighting holy as well. That'll be all, for now.