February 2000 news

Hits for january 2000 5.February.2000

Another nice graph of my hits for the last month, provided by stats4all. Note all hits were erased on the 12th of january by unknown causes...

Furthermore, on the 2nd of february I've had the 500th visitor since november 1999, according to my counter.com counter.

Worm news 12.February.2000

Added hunting, where one player has to catch the other. In multiplayer games, when a worm dies the game isn't reset, but just the dead worm restarts. Also fixed some score/stats-bugs, and the screen flashes when someone dies. Unfortunately the link-play doesn't work anymore, so I'll be fixing that first. Then I'll start working on CTF and domination.

TI-86 Reviews 19.February.2000

I didn't really feel like programming Worm last week (link-play won't work the way I want it to) so I made some TI-86 reviews (42 to be precise). It's actually more like a big listing of software with a screenshot, description and rating for each program (games mostly). Looks kinda neat!

New Nemesis beta? 26.February.2000

A news item on TI-News (posted february 23rd) said:

Nemesis 86 Updated
SHIAR has released new beta of Nemesis 86. Some of the features include: (...)

With the ticalc (.94) animated screenshot for eyecatching. Sorry to disappoint everybody, but this is still the .96 version of december '99. But hey old news is news too.

Developers at Work 28.February.2000

I made a screenshot of my W98 desktop as I'm working on Worm (idea stolen from voodooextreme). I don't think it will be posted there, but I just thought it would be nice to show y'all how I'm working.