June 1999 news

Vipers'86 15.June.1999

Game for the TI-86 calculator. Basically it's the game Tron86 by Alan Bailey, but I've altered the program a lot. It still features the addictive and cool multiplayer option (two players on one calc), but also singleplayer (bad computer AI), changable speed, title screen/menu, halts to delay (saves a lot of battery life!!), better controls, a lot of optimizations of the code, etc. Like all my programs, download and screenshot are on the ti86-productions page.

TI-86 shells tested 28.June.1999

For everybody who's still looking for the right shell, I tested these nine shells for the TI-86: anaconda, ase, iridius, microshell, mse, ose, rascall, win2000, and yas. I've put all data in a table (size, options, etc), so everybody can pick it's own favorite.

Updated 22.july.99. New shells: Emanon, ZAP2000, YAS 0.92.
Removed! 5.november.99.