November 1999 news

More updates 5.November.1999

It's been almost a month since I last updated my homepage. That's not good, and from now on I'll try to update my page more frequently (weekly?). Like no more releases of Nemesis on other sites before I even released it to my own site. I just updated/written the about shiar and my computers sections, and actually everything on my page. Hope I can keep everything updated.

Nemesis 0.96 6.November.1999

This version will not be released to other ti-sites like (I'll release the next version: this version doesn't have enough levels and gets boring too soon). I just release this version so y'all can see I'm still working on Nemesis. A lot of improvements like:

  • Bosses at the end of a level (see screenshot)
  • Bullet-upgrades (like faster, double, or triple fire)
  • Saves hiscore names
  • Ability to save the game
  • External levels
  • Major bugfixes

And much more of course. Just need to make it so there can be different enemies in one level, and make some challenging levels. Then I'll release it on all major sites and begin working at the last details (compressed levels, boss-key, options, etc.) and then Nemesis is done.

Joined ZAPO 11.November.1999

Forgot to mention I joined ZAPO — the Z80 Assembly Programmers Organization — the 16th of october. ZAPO is a group of teenagers who program for the z80 microprocessor, mostly on Texas Instruments graphing calculators. Zapo's got some skilled programmers and I think we'll make some great programs in the future. As of today I'm at the zapo site too.

Links added 13.November.1999

Made a page with links to my favorite internet-sites. Especially sites about Nemesis and TI-calculators. There ain't many, but I may add some more in the future. Looks kinda cool, so take a look.

Updated... again 14.November.1999

Continued working on my homepage: as you can see above, besides counting visitors you can also see whether I'm online or not. If you click on the online/offline you can send me a message through ICQ! Neat! Also updated my about section again (just take a look at my favorite games...!)

Peaworm will live again 15.November.1999

You all remember Peaworm, the great game where you control a Nibbles-like worm that doesn't make 90° corners, but can move about freely (just glance at the screenshot and be amazed ;). Since the last update was almost one year ago, I asked the allmighty Matthew Shepcar whether I could continue his work.

Well he gave me his new (unreleased) version with scrolling and levels! Now I'll try not to screw things up. Jonah Cohen will make the levels, and I'll try to make it multiplayer! That's right. Like Tron86 but 100x cooler. Maybe with link and scrolling (big) playfield. Stay tuned!

Brief news 23.November.1999

Just some brief notes (I'm trying to update my page at least once a week):

  • We're working on Worm. Added horizontal scrolling, levels, and started working on multiplayer (two-player-single-calc allready works).
  • Added a Guestbook to this page! Feel free to write something.
  • This page will probably move to soon, thanks to Nichwatt. This means no banners and no popups!
Games3 29.November.1999

This page has moved to! This means no more Fortunecity/!! It can still be accessed via, but please use the games3-URL for links. Furthermore: made the Shiar Homepage logo in 3D (using Cool3D).

Multiplayer 30.November.1999

Just wanted everybody to know Unreal Tournament is the greatest game ever!! Guess my Worm-game will be greatly influenced by it. Worm will become the best multiplayer game for the ti86, as UT is the best multiplayer game for the PC. Still working hard on Worm, but it's getting close... more about Worm coming this weekend.