October 1999 news

Nemesis 0.94 8.October.1999

Another release of Nemesis. Just an update with some new features like:

  • Two-layer starfield scrolling in the background
  • Some enemies aim their bullets towards you
  • Enemies can move at different speeds or move patterns
  • Ground scrolling at bottom and ceiling scrolling at top
  • Tunnel effect in some levels
  • Main menu (choose continue or start new game)
  • Levels changed, bugs fixed, enemy firing rate differs, and more
Nemesis = news! 14.October.1999

Finally Nemesis got noticed by ticalc (the most popular ti-calculators site) and they made it a news item:

Shiar has released an update to his great game for the 86 called Nemesis v0.94 Beta. It's a side-scrolling space shooter game, not unlike XC-1701 for the TI-85. It features powerups and rather fast gameplay, and I'm already addicted ;)

Along with an animated screenshot, catching any eye passing by.