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Worms v0.1 (6'99) by David Hart; 4.0kB

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The TI86 really needs a Worms-clone! This is a start, but since you can't fire any weapon yet, it's kinda worthless. If someone would finish it, this could become a great game! pause



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Dragon_Nova posted 2001-11-07 04:55
Alright hear's the deal.  I've seen one exactly like this already on the internet.  It's based off Microprose's Worms games.  It has quite a few weapons to choose from.  There's from rocket launchers to tnt.  If I were you I would consider putting this on your site!  If I had to rate it from how your rating it, I would say it's about an 80% to 90% rating on the scale.  I'm a worms gamer and I think it's pretty good.

p.s. don't try e-mailing me right now... My friend's site is busted right now.
Richard posted 2001-08-19 02:11
I'm going to try to finish this and Im making my own game for Ti-86 also Its called War04 I will post it when Im done with either.