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Vertigo v0.94 (9'98) by Matthew Shepcar; 5.5kB + levels (1.4kB)

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A real 3-D game! As a little ball, you have to roll to the exit without falling down. There's gravity and the ball responds very realistic. Several worlds are included as well as an oncalc level editor! I do think it's a bit hard, but call it challenging (and frustrating). hi pause



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Matthew posted 2003-08-20 04:50
KICK ARSE GAME! 3D of the best games out there...only one drawback is that on some levbels you have to start behind walls or go behind them so you cant see your ball, but you see a little 2 dots if you have tour contrast right..and he was right when he warned about getting around any calculator bnashing equptment..dont..heh, it does get frustration but it is THE skill game on the 86..only thing that comes remotely close is...Crates 3D