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Solytare v2.1 (11'97) by Michael Pearce; 2.1kB

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The most popular PC-game - god (yeah that's Bill) knows why. Think it'll load and run faster than the Windows version (unless you have Windows86 installed.) Controls ain't perfect, but they work. The game is ok, although I like Freecell better :P pause



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Matthew posted 2003-08-20 04:45
great game, reproduces everything exactly except for the cardbacks and endin anination, but hey! its a card game you play in boredom, plus, its a bloody calculator, not a computer or a gameboy
isaac posted 2001-08-28 00:24
there are also invisible cards that will appear in your hand after you take a card out
Shiar posted 2001-07-25 21:52
Here it just starts over when you win. No crashes or anything...
PAUL posted 2001-07-25 20:04
This game is great except when you win, you can't quit the screen.  Had to take the batteries out. :(