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Nibblez v3.0 (8'01) by Ravneet Singh; 6.8kB

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Nice Nibbles clone, with some very good (greyscale) graphics. Controls are okay (except for the main menu: that mouse pointer thing sucks!), it's got a teacher key (save+quit), and a hiscore table (needs backspace for entering names though.) Levels are ok, it's just that they take too long: 25 apples per level. The ability to start in higher levels and speed options are a bit pointless when playing for hiscore. Also a bit large, but still quite good. hi pause



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Ravneet Singh posted 2001-11-19 01:50
Yo wat r u talkgin about it does have back space press bac to go back. it doesnt show it cus then u can just change 1 letter.