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MegaCar v1.1 (1'01) by Jonah Cohen; 3.8kB + levels (1.0kB)

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Awesome racing game. Race as fast as you can to beat the level's hiscore. Going off the road (and braking too ;) will slow you down. The car can be turned in more than 127 directions, and the screen scrolls smoothly. So, easy controls, good graphics and gameplay, and eight levels included plus many more to come because of the easy level editor (Windows) included (look at the 2nd screeny :-) Really cool. May get boring because of the simplicity (no powerups or multiplayer or whathever...) but not anytime soon! hi pause



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Rew posted 2001-11-09 06:33
This game is pretty damn fun. With the ability to make your own levels (on the computer too, which is a great feature) this ranks as one of my favorite games. It's replayability is good as well. The levels are a bit big, but this is not a big problem.