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Laser Mayhem v1.0 (11'99) by Badja port Brandon Sterner; 3.6kB

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In this puzzle-game you must destroy your target by controlling a few laser-cannons. Besides these cannons more toys are present in each level: mirrors, several different bricks, gates... Not my favorite, but still an ok game. Port could be better (usage of full screen and exit instead of clear ;) and could use a save/password to continue later. pause



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Matthew posted 2003-08-20 04:32
yea, the level select is nice and MORE lets you reload the level, but some of the levels get HARD! as in if you fire the wrong lazer at the wrong time, youir screwed..would be nice if it had more levles or external level support so you could proress slowly from easy to hard
Axem Red posted 2001-12-17 00:41
Actually, dispite what the review says, you can (sort of) load a game on lazer mayham. You can use the + and - keys to pick your level.