August 2001 news

Go Shiar 4.August.2001

I've been wondering why there wasn't anybody voting anymore. Turns out I screwed up the thing. Not the first time, and probably not the last. But for now, it's working again, so please continue the voting. I'll put on a new one soon (have to think of something first...)

Ahoy-hoy 17.August.2001

Not a lot of news the last few days (anywhere in the TI community for that matter.) Still I wasn't entirely idle:

WormEdit shot displaying a preview of level #11
  • As you can see at the bottom of this page, I still make some reviews from time to time. Archives contain over 200 reviews now =)
  • Updated the author overview page again, as well as the way the overall grades are calculated. Looks like it works kinda good. I'd like to include user ratings as well for this kinda stuff, but so far just about ten people have voted... C'mon, wake up a little! Go vote on a couple of games!
  • Some very minor changes in Wormy (no, haven't forgotten bout it yet.) To the right you can see a screeny of the preview function of the Wormy editor.
MegaMan86 Gold 18.August.2001

That's right, Cullen's long anticipated MegaMan is finally done! Go right ahead and download it, or read my review. And yes, that also is my name in the credits - /me was privileged to be a betatester :)
Update: Yes, this is the updated version...

Ubercool RPG Coming 20.August.2001

Just found out about Aaron's new project: a raycasting RPG, which looks extremely promising (with Megaman done, we need a new hype). Who said the TI-86 was dead?? Seems the best games are yet to come! I've reviewed his WIP demo 7 (my first review with three screenshots :) Go check it out!

Boo Basic 22.August.2001

After checking out some more games written in TI-BASIC, and looking at Elcobbola's Basic archives, I concluded Basic really sucks (even more than I thought already). Maybe one or two games even worth trying, imo of course. (The main thing i just can't stand is the speed.) That's why my archives will not have anything Basic in 'em anymore. I just won't go reviewing hundreds of guessing progs just to catch a rare few playable games. So from now on, my archives are assembly only.

Wormy's got Wormies 26.August.2001
A shot of Wormy's main screen, with the new wormies at the top ;)

=) Both the title- and game over screens have now got a few hand-drawn wormies on 'em. Suddenly, Wormy became a Visually Attractive™ game. Furthermore, I've made it so that multiplayer levels have names instead of just numbers, so it's easier to select the level you want (for example, Small Weird Arena instead of Level 04). And, in somewhat related news, Wormy's size has increased to 6666 bytes.

Shiny New 83 30.August.2001

Not for me, but my sister. She got an 83, and I put the brand new thing under my scanner. Result: hi-quality picture of an untouched TI-83. It's on my new TICalc Gallery page. And if you've got a nice pixur I don't, please send it to me too.