June 2001 news

New TI86 Games 2.June.2001

Wew, seems the 86 is much less dead than me. Recently ZNood and Wallpipe have been released, and Balloon has been ported (check ticalc for downloads and stuff.)

Also quite some cool upcoming games. Of course there's Cullen's Megaman, which seems quite close to completion. Then there's my Wormy which will also come, eventually. Seems Haroon is still working on his Mortal Kombat (he just released a public alpha), and Jonah will be working on a new (unspecified, but prolly cool) game. And... the two greatest 86 programmers (IMHO) are working together on another game which looks promising to say the least (unfortunately I can't give you any details about this one, but you can take my word it will be coolz!)

Keen on Keen 9.June.2001

To add to my previous list of upcoming games: Kirk Meyer is currently writing a Commander Keen for the 86! It's got fast greyscale graphics, and looks a lot like the original. Of course still far from finished (no pogo stick :( and no enemies yet) but it sure looks promising.. Here's some screenies:

Keen86demo shot - map Keen86demo shot - level Keen86demo shot - level

Victory! 15.June.2001

They couldn't hold it forever, so finally my domain has been transferred! As of now, my site's fully hosted under shiar.org by a small dutch company called Media Design. For the last two days I've been working hard on converting all of my pages to php, and now it seems to work. The archives will be updated in a week or two (they'll be cool, hang on).

Shiar.org All the way 16.June.2001

The scripts are working again (surveys and guestbook). Next I'll be updating my archives...
Also, my email address is now shiar@shiar.org. Plz send all mail there, or more specifically: nemesis@shiar.org or wormy@shiar.org. (I won't be checking my hotmail and mailroom accounts anymore!)

HTML 4.01 19.June.2001

Valid HTML 4.01! This page now validates as HTML 4.01 Transitional! Just to show my readers that i have taken the care to create an interoperable Web page. Netscape still doesn't show everything 100% correctly, but it does look quite nice with W3M. Also Opera is fine; and msIE of course.

TiCalc.Old 21.June.2001

Happy birthday ticalc.org! They turned 5 today. Too bad I wasn't there during their anniversary IRC party (well in a way I was: I was connected the whole time and even mentioned once :)) Congrats to them, and let's hope my site will get that old (maybe with my new archives, which are coming along nicely, but very slowly...)

Archives Taking Shape 24.June.2001

Besides being busy with my last weeks at school, I'm also working hard on the new archives. Most of the code has been written, and I've already copied over 50 of my reviews. And it's looking great! You can see for yourself in just a little while, and I think it'll be worth the waiting and (my) hard work ;-)

Zduv Updated 26.June.2001

Fixed some random errors all over my site. Also updated the Links section, and moved some stuff off the main page (archived some news and removed my productions). Archives status: 83 and 85 ready, busy moving 86 stuff.... (sigh, moving archives sucks; but heh, we're gonna love it when it's done.)