November 2001 news

November Already 2.November.2001

While I didn't have much to say lately, my site's still up and running. Unlike TI-News and's archives. It would seem I'm largest after (except for 68k.) Woo hoo ;)   I'll continue expanding my archives, but because of the quality-over-quantity it'll take time :(

Updates: Some reviews, and Latest additions to the Archives now shows the files added over the last week. Also a new survey at last. If you can think of a good poll, plz tell me!

ROFL 4.November.2001 just got Slashdotted! And they already had some server problems lately. Just cruel. So for now, my poor site is the largest ti8x site left. This is just sick.

This is Good Stuff! 9.November.2001

Really: Wormy linkplay seems to WORK! =) Just tested it on two real calcs (the link's buggy in vti), and everything was just fine. Handshaking works, sending peas' positions works, 1/3 players works, and game over signal works! This is just great, after all that time it's finally playable! Can't say when the rest of Wormy will be finished though; still a lot of smaller stuff to do..
Furthermore, and TI-News are back up.

Buseeey 25.November.2001

Been doing other things.. School, games, etc. Bla:

  • Worked a littlebit on the level synching in Wormy linkplay (so both calcs are playing the same game).
  • Drew the TI-83 variable font chart (since it's a little different (ugly imho) from the TI-86 one.) It's on the calc page along with the other font charts.
  • Bought a new old P166, another 40GB, and I may get my old Slot-1 system back to life soon. So much time and so little to do... Strike that; reverse it; thank you.