August 2000 news

I'm BACK!! 6.August.2000

After surviving nearly a month without computers, I'm back to finish my games. I made some improvements on Worm and Nemesis (I printed out the sources), and I'll be integrating them into the real programs soon.

Nemesis 9.August.2000

I've updated the Nemesis section and I'm working on Nemesis86... No list of significant changes because I don't think there will be any. Of course the levels are all real important, but they don't require a lot of changes. Maybe I'll bring back the Torpedo and make the classic up double but that's it. This doesn't mean it's done next week, cuz these finishing touches also require quite some time; and I want the game fully beta-tested before I release it, so all bugs are gone.

Nemesis to do 12.August.2000

Nemesis 0.98 screeny The complete to-do list for Nemesis:

Make torpedoes, up-double, change options at pause screen, make levels 7 to 12, remove any bugs found.

That's all I could think off. If you have any other ideas, now is your last chance to tell me!
(keep in mind I've just bought Diablo2, so it might take a while :P)

Still busy 17.August.2000

A quick update of my to do list to show y'all I'm still alive:
Nemesis: Make torpedo and levels 7-12, find and fix any bug
Diablo II: Act IV

Nemesis torpedo 19.August.2000

I've decided not to implement torpedoes in Nemesis afterall. This because there won't be any cannons on the ground like in other Nemesises; and because I just got five powerup-icons and I've filled them up with other things. This game's beginning to look less and less like a classic Nemesis; but I'm just trying to make a cool game, not an exact clone, alright?

Nemesis multiples 22.August.2000

Guess what I did just now? I made it impossible to select multiples together with bullets. I really shouldn't go on like this... The reason I did this is because the game just gets too slow with that many bullets fired at a time. You can still select upto four multiples with lasers. This makes bullets good to start with (with tailbeam/updouble and strong upgrades); and lasers weak at first, but after endless upgrades (improved lasers and multiples) they rule.

TI-86 Reviews 24.August.2000

You'll all probably know Elcobbola's TI-86 game-reviews. Just letting you know he fixed his review of Peaworm (going from 3/10 to 7/10!)

I've also written a few more of my own reviews (that's 116 now.)

Pretty pages 25.August.2000

Instead of solid red objects, this page now has now pretty background images. Be sure to set your screen to at least 24-bit colours, or if you can't: buy a new video card :P

Also changed/updated some pages (like the About me and my productions pages)

Hardcore Nemesis 29.August.2000

Nemesis now has two difficulties: ships #3 and #4 will have very weak armor (making enemies do more than double their damage) but they'll also double your score.

Furthermore, I recently enlarged the maximum sprite table size to 768 bytes, but since that still wasn't enough, I now made the pointers one word, which mean a maximum of 65kB. Well enough space to make all the sprites I'll ever want.

My personality 31.August.2000

According to TheSpark's personality test I'm a SIAF, a dreamer. Guess that's pretty accurate. Well, it could be worse: Jonah's a partying accountant, Free Bird an Artist, Scabby an Experimenter and Kirk is an online pedophile. Hmmm.