May 2000 news

Worm 90% 1.May.2000

Well it's may and Worm still ain't finished. Sorry, I did my best, but since I don't get paid for this or so you shouldn't complain; be glad you'll get a good game at all.
Here's the changes from version 89% to 90%:

  • Saves scores for each peaworm-level.
  • Worm #1 can get twice as long (~70 average peas).
  • In race-mode worms won't die when they run into each other, they will just stop moving (walls will still kill them).
  • Took out hunting-mode since it wasn't turning out as cool as I intended.
  • Little title-picture at main menu for extra coolness :p

The things I still have to do: make CTF and domination modes and get linkplay working. That's all... I estimate the program size will stay below 5kb. A good size for a good program.

April 2000 2.May.2000

April... the month I did not release Worm. I did improve a lot though. In my monthly overview of the visitors for april 2000 (not hits, just visitors) you can see I got more than double the amount of visitors compared to march. Probably because of increased Worm popularity. To everybody: hang on, Worm's coming soon!

Worm 91% 6.May.2000

Okay linkplay worx again, but it's still untested, slow, and buggy (However I saved another 4% for linkplay fixes and improvements =). CTF also kinda works, although not completely bugless. I wonder why I ever wanted to make ctf and domination; coding it really s---x! Some more bugs fixed of course, and replaced the prepare text at the beginning of a level with something else.. You'll see it in the beta soon :P

2nd best TI site 10.May.2000

This page was 2nd in TI-Extreme's TTSOTM survey (Top TI Site Of The Month). And I didn't even vote myself. Dunno how many votes but TI-News was 3rd :P

Spheres 11.May.2000

Just wanted to share this colorful creation with allya: a picture I made using Bryce ][ full of reflecting/transparent spheres/marbles in all the colors of tha rainbow. Get that mouse moving and click here for the 1024x768 version. That'll be all.

More Spheres 14.May.2000

Because of the positive reactions I got, I made two more spheres-images. Both with less spheres than in my previous image, but more colorful. All my pictures can be found on my new spheres page.

Worm Linkplay 16.May.2000

Today I improved several things in linkplay: it's faster - not real fast, but playable enough; worms can die now without crashing/freezing calcs. The game stays synchronized on both calcs at all times. It works better than ever: no problems playing VTI<>VTI and VTI<>rTI.

Update (17.V): Just tested linkplay calc2calc but it didn't work! Handshaking went ok, but the game itself freezed :( 21.May.2000

That's right; my page can now be reached via The site itself however is still located at (both urls may be used for links).

Furthermore I've finally gotten around to rewriting (nearly) my entire site with css making editing a lot easier (I should've done that a long time ago..)

Back in red 27.May.2000

Since the 24th has been down, so I put my site back on FortuneCity. Please change links to which will redirect you to the correct (working) address.

You may have noticed my page now has some fresh new colors!! Changed everything from green to red. Also added several things to this site. At the left you can see a new survey and links to CalcExchange and the TI-Calcs Webring...   Enjoy!

Nemesis review 28.May.2000 just reviewed my old Nemesis 0.94 beta:

The description says it all: "A cool shoot-em-up game." (...) The fun thing about the game is that you're just mindlessly firing at enemies.

Here's the (way too high) score:
Attention span: 8/10  Fun game, addicting. Controls: 10/10  I don't have much trouble. Implementation: 9/10  Need more options on screen. Overall: 9/10  It's fun.

Joined CalcWire 30.May.2000

Great; ZAPO just died, and now I've joined CalcWire: a new unexperienced programming group (well they made the CalcExchange button ;) For you quote-lovers:

And we also got two new members (...) The second is the world famous Shiar! Yes he is now on the CalcWire Team.

They're working on a great idea: Escape Velocity (TiEV) and I may be able to help. Well if they make terrible programs I'll be outta there just as fast :P