My homepage doesn't exist for very long yet (just for about one year). Still it has changed quite a bit. The first version I made was as red as it is now. I changed it to green however, because it looked really alot like the WinAmp page. When the WinAmp page turned white it was safe to make my page like I always wanted: in red. A few screenies of how my homepage used to look:

SHIAR homepage of 11/99; total size 3MB, html size 143kB
november 1999
SHIAR homepage of 3/00; total size 9MB, html size 419kB
march 2000
SHIAR homepage of 5/00; total size 15MB, html size 629kB
may 2000
SHIAR homepage of 9/00; total size 20MB, html size 729kB
september 2000
SHIAR homepage of 1/01; total size 40MB, html size 1.1MB
january 2001
SHIAR homepage of 6/01; total size 45MB, php size 958kB
june 2001
SHIAR homepage of 10/02; total size 77MB, php size 877kB, db size 360kB
october 2002

Also check my collection of SHIAR Homepage logos =)