Version 0.96

A new version! Available only here at The most significant changes from my last release, version 0.94, are:

Getting really close to a non-beta version. Just need to make some smaller changes and more levels! Then I'll make the not-so-important features like grey-scale (maybe) and a level-editor.

Note on v.96

from Nemesis.txt:

YES! NEMESIS was on the NEWS in TICALC.ORG! With a nice screenshot so you just couldn't ignore it!! And my, I received a lot of messages. Thanks to everybody, I'm very happy!

More happiness: a new update featuring alot of bug fixes (Nemesis has now got some good beta-testers!), bosses, weapon-upgrades, LEFTDOWN-bug fixed (THANKS2 BRIAN KOROPOFF!), teacher key, armor-bar, hiscorenames, external levels, and much more. Again thank you all and keep sending me stuff! I really appreciate it!


have fun with them ;)

Nemesis 0.96: level #1 Nemesis 0.96: level #2 boss, laser upgrade Nemesis 0.96: level #3 Nemesis 0.96: level #5, multi-kill