Status end January 2000

Last year, before I started working on Worm, I released a beta of Nemesis. This version was just a preview of the real game, because it had just a few levels and enemies. Now I looked for Nemesis at the largest TI86 sites:

News item in october '99 with animated screenshot: Shiar has released an update to his great game for the 86 called Nemesis v0.94 Beta (...) It features powerups and rather fast gameplay, and I'm already addicted ;)

Currently (yesterday 16:00GMT) ranked as 393 on the ticalc all-time top downloads list with 4242 downloads, and still being downloaded about 100 times a week!! (not counting other sites, just!)

Dimension TI

DimTI description: A VERY good game where you are a ship and you have to fly around and kill enemie ships. You can choose black on white or white on black. The white on black looks like you're really going through space!

Archive comments:
Mojo Phil: The game is a good idea, but it gets pretty damn boring after a couple plays. Gives **
James Gibson: Fun and exciting. It is great having this caliber. Gives ***** (max.)


Nemesis v0.90 beta review: 85% A good game, if a bit buggy

TI-86 World

Nemesis 0.93 review: 7/10 This is a cool Galaxian type game, but it is a side scroller. There are pick-ups to upgrade your ship, and the graphics are pretty good.

Elcobbola's Ti-86 Page

Nemesis 0.93? 6/10: Nemesis is a side-scrolling space shooter. This game has really nice graphics and options. The speed is a little fast but is that not what we all want? The addition of more features would really make this game shine. I don't really like this type of game so I didn't play long.


Nemesis 0.94: Exellent jeu de combat aƩrien: en clair ou sombre: au choix!! (Translation: Excellent air-combat game: [????]: good choice!!)


I also got alot of emails and ICQ messages (Thanks btw!). Here's some of them:

Aaron Hampton: Good god that is a phat game...
Joshua Name: I think your game is really cool.
Matthew Dale: I just wanted to tell you what a great game Nemisis is. The graphics are smooth, and the idea is great.
Manuel Blain: This version of Nemesis is definetly more challenging.
Jared Wilcox: Great game.
James Gibson: Excellent game (...) If you could fix these annoyances in the next version You would have a 5+ star game on you hands.
K. Haring: I'd like to thank you for making a game that has improved the quality of my English lessons significantly :)