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Raycasting Engine vWIP Demo #7 (8'01) by Aaron Curtis; 10.4kB + levels (2.0kB)

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Aaron's Raycasting Engine still under construction (it's likely to crash instantly and blow up your house or something.) But actually it's an ubercool RPG!! If you thought the FOV (field of view) in Joltima was leet, check this. Also has a fast mode if you think all this prettyness is too slow. Either way, a beautiful game with greyscales and good graphics.
The game itself contains several screens with objects, enemies (just one kind so far..), doors, switches, chests with items in it. These items can be herbs, keys, or new armor and weapons. And this stuff can have special effects, for example a sword of murder doing extra damage. Your character has your selected attributes (like strength for carrying stuff and damage, dexterity for hitting, etc.) like a real RPG. This game just has so much, but it's still unfinished. Meaning, it isn't _that_ big. So it just needs to get bigger, and also coming up is different enemies, missile weapons and an experience system. Can hardly wait.... pause